HOG Holiday Golf Gift Guide – Part Two – Golf Clubs And Golf Balls

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, December 8th, 2011
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Welcome to part two of the Hooked On Golf Blog 2011 holiday golf gift guide, covering my suggestions for every club in the bag and golf ball gift suggestions.  HOG Holiday Golf Gift Guide Part One covered everything other than golf clubs and balls.  The suggestions below for golf holiday gifts are all products which have been reviewed here on Hooked On Golf Blog, each with a link to the original post.

Golf Christmas Gift Suggestion

Wouldn't complain if this PING putter was in my stocking.


Man I’ve reviewed a TON of putters and there are SO many good ones to choose from.  The new PING Scottsdale Senita and Scottsdale Shea putters are fantastic.

Tiger Woods’s uses the the Nike Method putter which I reviewed back in April of 2010.

My favorite putter in the world, my “gamer” is the Dornoch Putter Bird Dog One.  Might be tough to get a Bird Dog by Christmas though as they’re hand made in Dornoch, Scotland.

Vokey Wedge

A Vokey wedge is NEVER a bad gift idea!


I’ve been happily playing my Carnahan wedges for most of the year.  Really like them.

Other great wedges I’d suggest for the golfer on your Christmas list would be Bobby Jones wedges, Mizuno wedges, Titleist Vokey wedges or Eidolon V-Sole wedges.

Bridgestone J40 Dual Pocket Cavity Irons

Might need a bigger Christmas stocking for the Bridgestone J40 DPC Irons!


I’ll mention a couple of sets of irons as suggestions for Christmas gifts. On the premium end, I really love the new Bridgestone J40 Dual Pocket Cavity irons.  Very solid.

On the less expensive end, check out some of the irons by my buddies at Weszty Golf like their Zt-C irons or their Double U irons.

Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid

An Adams Idea Tech V3 hybrid gift would bring good holiday cheer and lower scores...


There are so many great hybrids out there.  I rotate several brands through my bag during the course of the year depending on the conditions, and the condition of my game.

My all time favorites, more of a player’s club (a.k.a. harder to hit), are the Bobby Jones hybrids.  My buddy Jesse Ortiz makes awesome hybrids for Bobby Jones and I’ve had them in my bag since 2007.

The Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid is a fantastic hybrid and highly recommended.

On the less expensive end of the spectrum, check out the Power Play SystemQ Adrenaline hybrid.

Bridgestone J40 Fairway Wood

Bridgestone J40 Fairway Wood - great stocking stuffer

Fairway Woods

My best suggestion for a fairway wood is the Bridgestone J40 Fairways.  These are the holy grail of fairway woods.

If you like super-light technology and need a bigger hitting surface, check out the Maruman Shuttle i4000X fairway wood.

Nike Machspeed Black Driver

Santa could carry a lot of these Nike drivers on his sleigh, since they're super-light.


I’ll cover three drivers, two premium and one budget driver.  My gamer for this past season has been the Nike Machspeed Black ultralight driver.  I’ve been hitting about 80% of my fairways with the Machspeed Black.  Think how good Tiger Woods would be if his fairway percentage was that high!

My next driver suggestion which might have been my gamer except for the fact that my local pro took it from me and won’t give it back, is the new Bridgestone J40 445cc driver.

On the more cost conscious side of drivers, check out the Acer XF driver.

Z-Star Yellow

Deck the halls with Srixon Z-Star Yellow golf balls

Golf Balls

I’ll make two “tour premium” ball suggestions and two “amateur” golf ball suggestions along with a “budget” tour level ball suggestion.  My two favorite high end “tour” golf balls are the Srixon Z-Star and the TaylorMade Penta TP.

My suggestions for the best amateur golf ball are the Bridgestone B330RX series (RX and RXS) and the Srixon Q-Star.

My “budget” but tour quality golf ball selection is the Innovex Golf V-Motion golf ball.

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