Bridgestone Golf J40 Dual Pocket Cavity Irons Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011
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There’s no doubt that Bridgestone Golf is blowing up (in a good way).  Their golf balls are well known for being some of the very best on the market, but how about their clubs?  Better call in the bomb squad.

Bridgestone Golf J40 Dual Pocket Cavity Irons

Bridgestone Golf J40 Dual Pocket Cavity Irons – click to see more

J40 Dual Pocket Cavity Irons

Okay first things first.  I’m going to mention the name “Bridgestone J40 Dual Pocket Cavity Irons” many times.  So from this point on I’m going to Greg Normanize them to the abbreviation “J40DPC.”

The J40 is the newest version of the J38 Dual Pocket Cavity Irons that most recently Fred Couples won two events with on the Champions Tour.  These are premium forged irons with a mid sized head and traditional look when standing over them.

Bridgestone Golf J40 DPC Irons


The J40DPC irons feature some great technology and design for a more serious golfer.  If you’re a 24 handicap, you could definitely try them, but these are not “game improvement” clubs.

The heads on the J40DPC’s are a mid size which produce a high-mid launch.  The back of the head is a combination muscle back and cavity design.  We’ll call them muscle cavity backs.  An interesting design feature is the pockets which are cut out of the muscle.  These pockets distribute the weight farther to the outside of the head, increasing stability and helping the club’s MOI (moment of inertia).  In English, the head design helps players launch the ball higher and helps keeps the club face square through impact.

The leading edge of the club has been improved over the previous model, helping out with shots in soft conditions or tight lies.

As mentioned, being for more serious players, there’s no anti-slice technology.  The ball flight and line is all on you.

Bridgestone J40 Golf Dual Pocket Cavity Irons

Looks And Feel

Here’s where these babies really shine, and I’m not talking about in bright sunlight.  The looks of these clubs while standing over them at address is drool-worthy for a golf gear head.  The top line of the club is a thinner and more traditional look.

The dual pockets, cavity and forging help these clubs deliver what Bridgestone calls a “buttery” feel.  I’d describe it more like an extra virgin olive oil with roasted garlic feel, but that’s just my twisted Greek mind.  Yes, these clubs FEEL and sound fantastic.  The feedback the club delivers tells me right where the ball is on the face.


Iron Loft Lie Angle Length S/W Offset Bounce
3 20° 60.0° 38.75″ D1 3.2 mm 2.0°
4 23° 61.0° 38.25″ D1 3.1 mm 2.0°
5 26° 62.0° 37.75″ D1 2.9 mm 2.5°
6 30° 62.5° 37.25″ D1 2.7 mm 3.0°
7 34° 63.0° 36.75″ D1 2.5 mm 3.5°
8 38° 63.5° 36.25″ D1 2.3 mm 4.0°
9 42° 64.0° 35.75″ D1 2.1 mm 5.0°
PW 46° 64.5° 35.50″ D1 1.9 mm 7.0°

Special orders for length loft and lie adjustments are available.

Shaft Options

There are somewhere around 50 different shafts available for the J40DPC irons.  Manufacturers include Aldila, FST, Nippon, Royal Precision and True Temper.

Grip Options

Golf Pride, Winn and Lamkin grips make up a selection of 13 different models which are available for the J40DPC’s.

Bridgestone Golf J40 Dual Pocket Cavity Irons

Bridgestone Golf J40 DPC Irons – click to zoom


The Bridgestone Golf J40 Dual Pocket Cavity Irons are a great choice for a mid to low handicap player…or Fred Couples. The ball flight of these irons is very straight and true.  The J40DPC’s launch high, land soft and translate great feedback.  I’m able to work the ball fairly well either direction, or control shots as far as trajectory and spin.


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2 responses to “Bridgestone Golf J40 Dual Pocket Cavity Irons Review”

  1. tom hheiman says:

    longer than most clubs? about the same? longer is better when the best of your golf is already behind you

  2. Randy Oakes says:

    How would you compare them to a comperable Mizuno iron?





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