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Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006
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Mizuno Black Nickel WedgeI have to say this was a tough review. When I got my MP T Black Nickel wedge from Mizuno my wedge game was in disarray. I didn’t know if I was going to fat a shot 3 feet or blade a 30 yard shot 73 yards over the green.

My short game has finally come around enough to get this review completed, which is good.

Looks & feel

The MP T BN is very easy on the eyes. It’s a beautiful club. The teardrop shaped head gives you confidence that this club is going to be able to produce the shot you need.

The Black Nickel finish is very nice. It was a shame to even hit the club and mess with the finish. Fortunately I took some pictures of mine before I did.

The weighting of this club is wonderful. It almost feels as good as a nicely balanced putter. The club wants to travel right on the correct line in a full swing or even in delicate little green side shots.

Mizuno Wedge


How much technology can a simple wedge have? Apparently plenty.

Mizuno employs “grain flow forging” which “enhances the flow and tightness of the grains in the metal, maximizing the strength of the clubhead without sacrificing the soft feel, and ensuring greater consistency from club to club and set to set.” Woa. If you want to see the grain flow forge process in action, click here.

The black nickel finish reduces glare and increases durability. But really, it just looks cool.

U Grooves: A quick look at the grooves and I just assumed they were square. But these grooves are actually a “U” shape. The grooves are milled out of the face by computer driven milling machines. These grooves give you spin… Major spin. I can verify that.

MizunoOn the course

A wedge can be a real “go to” or make or break club for a player. This wedge is becoming a “go to” club for me the more I get used to it. I had some adjustment “issues” because I’m coming from a different wedge with 6 degrees bounce and this one has 8 degrees.

I can take a full swing with the MP T and have great accuracy and distance control. My 60 degree is good for about 100 yards and in. Just today I had a downhill shot from 104 which I flew 103 and stopped it on a dime to about 2 feet.

De-lofted runners or punch shots are great with the MP. You can easily hit one of those bounce 2-3 times and check up type shots. If you close the face down you can it more of a running shot with over spin.

Flop shots with the MP T are quite easy from tight lies or the rough. You have precise control over the ball flight and spin.

I’ve used the MP T out of green side bunkers a few times when I need to get the ball up quick. I prefer my normal 56 degree sand wedge though most other times.

Major spin

The U Grooves on this club impart an amazing amount of spin on the ball. I hit a 70 yard 3/4 shot which landed in the middle of the green and spun completely off the front with a TM TP Red ball. I’ve even flown a shot completely over a green and spun the ball back onto the green from the rough!

Specs and options

The MP T Black Nicked wedges are available in lofts from 51° to 60° with varying bounces depending on the loft.

Sorry lefties but this baby is only available in right hand configuration.

The stock shaft is a True Temper Dynamic Gold with “wedge” flex. Other custom shaft options are available upon request.

The grip is a very nice feeling Golf Pride Tour Velvet 58 Round.

Critic’s corner

There’s only one problem with this wedge. It is a ball eater. The grooves on this wedge absolutely shred golf balls. I often have to take a tee and scrape out the cover shavings from the grooves.

I’ve used this wedge with ProV1’s, Taylormade TP Black & Red, Loco and Loco Tour D, Bridgestone e5 & e6 etc. If I need to hit 4-5 full 90-100 yard shots with this wedge, the TP and Bridgestones completely shred and actually have shavings sticking out. Mark your ball and scrape off the shavings before you putt because they’re big enough to knock the ball off line on the putting green.

This club even shreds range balls. Today I practiced full shots with my 60. I didn’t exactly shag my range balls to look at them but there were pretty major shavings in the grooves of the club.


This club is definitely a “player’s” club. The MP T’s good looks are only rivaled by it’s performance on the course. You can manufacture any shot you can imagine with this club from runners to flops.

If you want that “Phil Mickelson” super spin, the “U Grooves” will get it for you. Careful though! If you get that super spin, you may need to replace your ball on the next hole!

2 responses to “Mizuno MP T Black Nickel Wedges”

  1. wilburnj says:

    I am looking for some new wedges. How would you compare these to the Vokey Spin Milled?


  2. There’s a spin milled review here so check it out and that may answer your question.





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