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Bonehead of the Week – One Golf Club Can Knock Off 18 Shots Per Round!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, February 24th, 2018
Categories: Boneheads

This is incredible! Imagine a golf club that knocks a shot off of EVERY hole!  EVERY HOLE! I just found one on an advertisement

All this for only $99?  That’s a steal. I figure I play around 1500 holes per year.  That’s 1500 shots knocked off!

“The C3i is such an easy club to hit to the green in all situations.” ~testimonial

The club is “easy to hit to the green in all situations.”  ALL SITUATIONS!  That would include some of the following:

  • Ball behind tree
  • Ball embedded in bunker
  • Ball in lake
  • Ball in river
  • Ball in bird’s nest 212 feet above the ground
  • Lost ball
  • Ball out of bounds
  • Ball in 4th stall of ladies restroom in the clubhouse
  • Ball on tee, on 678 yard par-5
  • Ball stolen by eagle who flies it 6 miles from the course
  • Ball lodged in a glacier in Antarctica
  • Ball on Mars
  • Ball on Jupiter
  • Ball sitting on asteroid traveling from the Milky Way to another galaxy

I could go on, but why should I? I’m wasting my time. I should pony up that $99 RIGHT NOW.  I have to run. Gotta make a purchase.

Hooked on Golf Blog Wins Another Award

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, February 22nd, 2018
Categories: Boneheads

I’m so honored, humbled, and grateful. My golf blogging career has reached its peak. The top. The pinnacle. The best of the best. Top dog. Top o’ the heap. Crème de la crème. Pick of the litter. Upper crust. Upper class. Beau monde. High society. The elite.

This blog has been selected as “one of the Top 30 Women’s Golf Blogs on the web.”  I’m sure glad the award specified “on the web” too, because it would be weird to win “Top 30 Women’s Golf Blogs on the floor of the ocean,” or something like that.

It’s fantastic for the “Hooked on Golf Team” to be recognized for its hard work and thrilling to know that the HOG “contribution to this world” has not gone unnoticed.

Of course the most awarded golf blog in the history of awarded golf blogs is “honored to display the award badge.” I hope they don’t mind and understand that I didn’t post the html code linking back to their site though. I’m sure the award and the “code to display the badge proudly” isn’t designed to simply generate link backs and search engine optimization for the awarding site.  It’s just that my humbled fingers got tired from typing about this honor.

Ice Skip It

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 17th, 2018
Categories: BoneheadsGolfHackers

I live in the land of “The Greatest Snow on Earth,” the home of the 2002 Winter Olympics. Last year’s snowfall was massive and I had a fantastic time with my new skis enjoying the “pow pow.”  But this year has been very different. High temperatures and very little snow.  The skiing is pretty bad. But with the high temps the golf courses are open.  If mother nature gives me snow, I ski. If she gives me green grass, I golf.

I golf.

I played my first two rounds of 2018 this past weekend, 9-holes at River Oaks and 18 holes at Hidden Valley.  I made birdie on my very first hole of 2018, so I’ve got that going for me, which is nice.  Despite there being no snow, it can still be well below freezing at times, so as you will see in the video below, the lakes on the course are frozen. That gave me a chance to play “ice skip it.” I had no idea the ball would still be spinning minutes after I hit it.

And below is a golf instructional video on how to get the ball off of an icy lake when it is too far to get with a golf club. You can thank me later.

10 Worst Golf Course Review Clichés

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, October 11th, 2017
Categories: Boneheads

I started blogging golf course reviews before most current day golf bloggers or golf journalists were off the first tee. Now golf course reviews are more common than sour kazoo notes at a Kenny G concert. More common than selfies on Paige Spirinac’s instagram.  More common than unfixed ball marks on the local muni’s greens.  More common than… I think you get it.

The problem with these reviews is they all sound/read the same now, stamped out of the same old same old mold and using the same worn out clichés.  I’ll admit I’ve probably used some of these at some point so before you get on my case about it, I admit it.  But I vow to not use any of these overused phrases again, and for Pete’s sake golf bloggers and writers you should do the same.

Great Track

“Great track” has to be one of the worst and most overused golf clichés in history. I have to hold back my vomit every time I read or hear it. First off, a golf course is not a track. Tracks are where they race horses, dogs, cars etc.  Perhaps saying “great tract” is better, as in “tract of land.”  Resist the temptation to use this filler. It’s barely worthy of putting on the bottom of a bird cage.

Hidden Gem

Oh. My. God.  If I hear this phrase one more time I might have to wrap my 4-iron around someone’s neck.  Hidden gem?  Really?  How original.  For fun, let’s Google the phrase and see how many results we get…  1,770,000 results. Stop it. Please.

Crown Jewel

What the hell is it with gems and jewels anyway?  Crown jewel? So this course is the same as regalia and vestments worn by kings and queens at their coronations? Got it.

Signature Hole

Straight out of the cookie cutter. Try something more creative, like, I don’t know… anything.

Great Layout

I’m trying to think of a phrase more vague than “great layout.” Hmm.  Nope. Can’t think of one.  Stop writing it. Stop saying it. What makes it great?  Let’s start with that and see where we go.

Renowned Course

Coooookie cutter!!! Gag me.

Championship Course

What exactly is this supposed to mean, “championship course?”  What championship? Any course can hold a championship.  The muni down the street with the broken down car on the 7th fairway could. Golf courses and golf PR and advertising companies are just as guilty of using this one as writers and bloggers.

It’s Right There In Front Of You

WTF is that supposed to mean? It’s right there in front of me?  What if I play it facing backwards?  Is it still right there in front of me or would it be right there behind me then? What if I play the course facing at a 90 degree angle to either side? Would it be “right there beside me?”

Classic Layout

I think my head is going to explode. This one gives “great layout” a run for it’s vague money.

Fair Test

“The course is a fair test.” How many times have you heard that one?  What makes it fair?  Who judges what is fair and what is unfair. Do I have a vote? Can a course be a fair test for one golfer but unfair for another? Is there such a thing as an “unfair test?” I think I’d rather play a course that presents and unfair test than a fair test. It would probably be more interesting.

Must Play

You know what would be better and more informative in course reviews?  A must not play! “You must not play this course. It is terrible and their range balls suck!”

ALL TOGETHER NOW – Can I get them all into one run-on sentence?

“A hidden gem, this renowned championship course is a great track and classic layout which is a fair test that’s right there in front of you, a must-play crown jewel topped off by its signature hole.”

I did it!  I should just make that be my whole review for all my golf course articles from this point on!  BOOM!  #WINNING #thisonegoestoeleven

Golf Stock Photo Fail – Teeing Up a 3-Wood on the Putting Green

Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, August 12th, 2017
Categories: BoneheadsMiscellaneous

Ah yes. A fun meme about golf.  They’re all over chain emails and golf social networks. You know, those tweet face things…  These incredibly creative golf memes usually have some catchy golf quote and a great supporting photo.  This one above asks if golfers “lie awake at night and brood on what went wrong…”

Me? I don’t lie awake and brood on what went wrong. I lie awake at night and brood on who-the-f tees up a three wood on the putting green 12 feet from the pin…

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