HOG Holiday Golf Gift Guide – Part One – Golf Accessories, Golf Apparel, Golf Training Aids

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, December 7th, 2011
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As I was staring at my blank screen trying to feed my cerebral cortex with coffee, struggling to pry a blog post out of my cranium with a digital crowbar when my buddy John Duval from Into The Grain suggested that I do a holiday golf gift guide.  Fantastic idea.  I did do a Black Friday golf post a few days ago, but this guide below will be a more comprehensive top 10 list covering everything from clubs to bags to golf balls.  Each suggestion will link to my product review so you can get details and links to the manufacturer’s web sites.  Only products I’ve actually tested/reviewed will be on this list.

Golf Accessories

I review about 400 billion golf accessories every year, a fraction of the number that hits my doorstep.  A few fantastic accessories have stood the test of time with me.  Below are the best ones I can suggest:

Frogger BrushPro

Frogger BrushPro

Frogger BrushPro – Under $20

The Frogger BrushPro, which I reviewed clear back in 2007, is probably THE most used accessory in my arsenal.  I use the brush pro to keep my grooves clean, so I can have the best spin and control on my irons and wedges.

Rain Wedge

Rain Wedge

Rain Wedge – Under $20

The Rain Wedge is such a cool invention.  I did my first review of the Rain Wedge clear back in 2006 and I still use it.  I have a newer model I’ve used and will post a supplementary review soon.  Basically the Rain Wedge is a retractable rain cover for the golf bag, sort of like a half umbrella.  But it easily folds out of the way when you need to grab a club or put a club away.  When not in use, it fits easily into a pocket or into a club slot.



iPING Putter App & Cradle – $25

I recently reviewed the iPING iPhone putter app.  This is a very cool tool to analyze and improve your putting stroke.  You can even compare your stroke with tour pros, or find the best putter (PING of course) for your putting style.

Sumi-G Head Cover

Sumi-G Head Cover

Sumi-G Head Covers – $20-$40

Perhaps the coolest looking and most innovative golf accessory EVER, the Sumi-G head covers protect golfer’s expensive woods and hybrids.  No need to bend over and pick them up off the ground either.  Just scoop them up.

FootJoy Layering System

FootJoy Layering System


There are so many great apparel manufacturers in the golf world.  On the higher end I love Greg Norman‘s offerings and have many Norman items.

Puma makes fantastic apparel items, but don’t wear the all orange Rickie Fowler outfit unless you want to be mistaken for a traffic cone.

Tattoo Golf is one of my favorites in the apparel world.  Love Skulls.

My favorite socks come from Kentwool and also from Ecosox.

Kikkor Golf Shoes

Kikkor Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes

My favorite golf shoe selection is a no-brainer:  FootJoy is at the top of the list.  I have several pairs of Puma golf shoes as well.  Can’t go wrong with either, but stylistically very different.

On the casual end, the Kikkor golf shoes are my favorite.

Golf Outerwear

For outerwear I strongly recommend Columbia Sportswear as well as the FootJoy layering system.

For hats I go with HOG partner Pukka Headwear.  Pukka is the maker of the super mega killer HOG/Space Golf Hats.

Greens Speed Reader

Greens Speed Reader

Training Aids

Wow I could post a million of these.  My buddy Lance makes a swing aid called a Zoom Boom, which is a swing trainer that seemed to help me learn how to release the club.

The Pure Shot Driver helps you hit your driver on the sweet spot, and accentuates miss-hits to give you feedback.

Greens Speed Reader is a personal stimp meter which can help golfers get the speed of greens down.

2 responses to “HOG Holiday Golf Gift Guide – Part One – Golf Accessories, Golf Apparel, Golf Training Aids”

  1. karly says:

    Thank you so much for all the holiday gift ideas! My husband should be slightly surprised with what i got him, thanks to you.

  2. Very happy to hear your comments karly!





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