Review: Innovex V-Motion and E-Motion golf balls

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, November 8th, 2011
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Innovex Golf V-Motion Golf Ball

Innovex Golf V-Motion Golf Ball – click for more

Welcome to day two of 2011 HOG Golf Ball Week! Today’s review is a double whammy, two ball types from one manufacturer in one post.  I’m covering the new Innovex V-Motion and E-Motion golf balls.

V-Motion Tour Golf Ball

The V-Motion golf ball is an “affordable” three piece premium/tour quality golf ball.  At a retail of $29.95/dozen, this ball can’t be beat.

The inner most layer, the core, is what Innovex calls a “compensating speed core.”  The varied core compresses nicely for all swing speeds.  No worries that this ball is too hard or too soft for optimal distance.

The 2nd layer of the ball is a “proprietary aeroblend” material.  Golf manufactures are funny, with all of these technical names…  The aeroblend makes the cover soft and helps the layer control the ball, achieving great spin for short game shots and working the ball.

The outermost layer is the white urethane cover.  Urethane is one of the magic materials that gives golf balls spin and feel around the greens.

V-Motion On The Course

Here’s a quote from my initial impressions of the V-Motion:

I shot a satisfying 75 at the tough local course at the airport here in Salt Lake, Wingpointe Golf Course. The V-Motion was under total control, felt nice and soft even in the bitter morning cold, spun perfectly and flew straight at the pin. I carded 4 birdies in the round and happily managed to play with one V-Motion the whole time without losing it.

At the end of 18 holes, I was very impressed with the durability of the ball. Hardly any noticeable wear.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.  The ball is high performance, plenty long and very durable.  #winning

Innovex E-Motion Golf Ball

Innovex E-Motion Golf Ball – click to zoom

E-Motion Golf Ball

I’ve recently put the E-Motion golf ball into play.  The E-Motion is Innovex’s offering for a distance ball.

The E-Motion is also a three layer ball, with some differences between the materials and design over the V-Motion.

The core of the E-Motion employs a “progressive dual motion” material which according to Innovex, “senses impact loft and velocity for great fee and extreme distance.”  Not sure any golf ball “senses” anything, since that would imply that it has intelligence and a nervous system.  But perhaps the core reacts to impact loft and velocity…

Layer two of the E-Motion is the same aeroblend material.

The cover of this ball is not the softer urethane, but surlyn.  Surlyn is typically used for distance balls and is more durable.

Unlike the V-Motion’s 318 dimples, the E-Motion has 392 dimples.  392 has been the standard for many tour level golf balls for years.

E-Motion On The Course

I played my most recent round with the E-Motion in 2-3 club winds, and high temps around 50.  Conditions were tough.  Despite that, the ball compressed nicely and felt great on the driver face and off of the irons.  As expected, there was less spin around the greens but still plenty of performance for my game.  I found that the ball flew with a nice penetrating trajectory and fought its way through the wind well.

I managed a very satisfying round of one over par and even more satisfying, took $3.00 from the club pro.  That $3 and the bragging rights earned may just help the E-Motion’s cause for staying as a gamer in the bag.


Premium golf balls from the big manufacturers are reaching the $60+ range per dozen.  At about $25/dozen, either Innovex model could hold its own against those costing 2x as much.  Try ’em out.

3 responses to “Review: Innovex V-Motion and E-Motion golf balls”

  1. Reconditioned Golf Balls says:

    Interesting. This is something that I can modify to use during our brainstorming sessions for story development.

  2. Denny says:

    New companies like Innovex may struggle in a tight economy. I hope they can stick around to challenge the high price, name brand companies. I do not know if they have hit the national market yet, but I will keep an eye out for them and give them a try.





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