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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 5th, 2010
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This is my 2nd review of a Weszty golf product, made by my pal John Wesztergom at Weszty Golf. John and I met through The Golf Space and have become pals.  We even hung out at the 2010 PGA Show.  John founded Weszty Golf back in 2005 and has been tirelessly working on clubs and new designs since then.

Today’s review is of the Weszty Double-U irons

The Double-U Design

The Double-U name comes from the design of the head itself, a “double undercut” design.  It looks like a blade club with an extra 1/4 blade on the bottom of the head, with a gap between the face and extra blade or what Weszty calls a “bar.”  There’s some extra mass behind the the bottom of the face or what is termed as “muscle” in the industry.  So the club is sort of a combination of a muscle back blade with an extra mini bar in the back.  Wait a minute.  It is has a “mini bar in the back.”  Great for the 19th hole too!!!

What does this extra mass and extra 1/4 blade, “bar” do?  It helps golfers.  By putting so much mass down low and behind the ball, it makes shots easier to hit and easier to get flying up in the air.  The mass also increases the MOI (moment of inertia) which means the club stays square and on target at, and through impact.  The higher MOI helps the golfer hit straighter shots, and helps off center shots travel more on the intended target line.

In addition to the double undercut design, there’s a tiny bit off offsetting.  When a club is offset, that means the face is closed by “x” degrees.  This helps most regular golfers straighten out the primary problem they all usually have, slicing and pushing.  The “minimal” amount of offset means it helps a little, but still allows the better and lower handicap players to control shots and work the ball.


The Double-U is a fine looking iron.  The iron has a unique satin polish to it.  The back of the head and face both have a more porous look, cutting down on glare which can distract the player.

Standing over these irons inspires confidence in hitting the next shot well.  The club looks like a blade over the ball because you can’t really see the bar and mass behind the face.  The topline is a bit thicker than a typical blade though, which visually helps most golfers.


On the course I really enjoy my Double-U’s.  I’d compare the quality and playability level of them to much more expensive brands like the TaylorMade r7 irons or the Nike SQ irons.  They’re very similar to a set of MacGregor MT irons.

Shot making with the Double-U’s is great.  I can hit all sorts of shot types and the clubs respond wonderfully.  In windy conditions I can flight my Double-U’s down for control.  When my game is “on” I can hit draws and fades as the approach shots to the green call for them.


Iron Loft Lie Offset Bounce Club Length
3 21° 59.5° 0.14″ 2.5° 38.75″
4 24° 60.0° 0.13″ 2.5° 38.25″
5 27° 60.5° 0.12″ 2.5° 37.75″
6 31° 61.0° 0.11″ 2.5° 37.25″
7 35° 61.5° 0.10″ 2.5° 36.75″
8 39° 62.0° 0.09″ 2.5° 36.25″
9 43° 62.5° 0.08″ 2.5° 35.75″
P 47° 63.0° 0.07″ 3.0° 35.50″
G 51° 63.0° 0.07″ 3.0° 35.25″

Shaft Options

The Double-U has 9 shaft options so you can fine tune your clubs to your game:

True Temper Dynamic Gold
Westzy Pro Stick Steel
Westzy Pro Stick Graphite 85
True Temper Dynamic Gold SL
True Temper Dynamite Gold SL
KBS Tour
FST Pro 115 Stepless
Rifle Iron
Rifle Project X

Along with those nine shaft possibilities, the Double-U is available in regular or stiff flex.

Grip Options

Three grips are available for the Double-U’s:

Golf Pride DD2 Red
Golf Pride Dual Durometer Red
Winn PCI Black


Sorry lefties, but these irons are currently only available in right handed orientation.

Video Interview

Below is a video interview from the 2010 PGA Show, where John “Weszty” tells us about his clubs and designs.


You don’t have to buy a big brand name iron set and pay a big brand name prices to achieve high performance.  The Weszty Double-U delivers great looks, high performance, workability and just enough help from technology to make golf more fun and lower scores a reality.


Weszty Web Site

Weszty Image Gallery

Weszty in The Golf Space SHOP

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