Acer XF Titanium Driver

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, December 13th, 2010
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Acer XF Black Driver - click to view larger version

Recently I pointed out that all white putters and all black drivers are the rage in golf equipment right now.  I’m still waiting for all purple with green polka dots to come into vogue, then I’ll be happy.  Until then, black will work just fine.

Acer XF Titanium Driver

If you’re looking for a new all black driver, take a look at the Acer XF Titanium driver by Hireko Golf.  Like the white putter article previously posted, this is a cost-effective way to jump on the black driver bandwagon, but the performance level is that of drivers costing up to $300 more than the $99 sticker price.


This driver is very good looking.  Yesterday I was pounding it on the range, and my local PGA pro and golf buddy stopped by to hit some balls with me.  He noticed the driver and commented on how good looking it was.  He couldn’t resist hitting it.  After three or four swings he really liked it.

Hope this doesn’t happen to you

Unfortunately on my PGA buddy’s last swing something terrible happened, and the club flew out of his hands about 30 yards.  He screamed in pain and literally hit the muddy winter turf in a massive face plant.  It appears that he blew out his knee.  He was very shaken, in shock and it took a while to get him back on his two feet.   I had to stop hitting balls and help him back to the clubhouse.

I’m fairly sure having your knee blown out is not a standard feature on the Acer XF.

XF face is sharp! - click to view larger version


I’ve had this baby in play for a few rounds and I’m quite happy with the performance and the feel.  Some driver heads feel hard, and those aggravate my golfer’s elbow.  The XF doesn’t feel hard and doesn’t cause my elbow any grief.

The sound the driver makes gives nice feedback.  It is easy to tell from the sound and feel when shots are on the sweet spot.


Performance and workability on the XF is excellent.  I’m able to control my launch angle and work the ball either way.  Shaping shots and creating the right shot for the situation on the course is not difficult with this driver.


Loft Lie Volume Face Angle Length Hand
9.5º 58º 460cc 45″ RH
10.5º 58º 460cc 1º Closed 45″ RH/LH
12º 58º 460cc 1º Closed 45″ RH/LH
14º 58º 460cc 1º Closed 45″ RH/LH

Acer XF Topline view is nice, especially with palm trees reflecting in it


Each XF is made to order.  If the above specs aren’t enough for you, custom XF’s can be made with 70 different shaft options, nearly 100 different grips and lengths (-1” to +1.5”).


You don’t have to spend $360-600 on the new fancy black drivers from the big name brands to achieve solid performance on the golf course.  The $99 Acer XF Titanium will do that for you, and leave you a couple hundred bucks spending money.  You could use the extra dough on some lessons.

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3 responses to “Acer XF Titanium Driver”

  1. ben demarco says:

    tried to find XF driver on their website- could not find it listed

  2. The XF is new. Check with their customer service.

  3. Scott M says:

    I’ve told many people over the years that you don’t have to spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars for your clubs. $500-$600 just for a driver? Come on… You spend that, you’ve got money to burn.

    This article solidifies that. Thanks





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