Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, May 19th, 2011
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Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid

Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid – click to enlarge

The first time I tried an Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid wasn’t pleasant.  I borrowed my local director of golf’s model and it felt horrible.  I couldn’t get it up in the air.  So when I received my own V3 from Adams to review I was very skeptical, until I hit it.  It turns out on the first V3 I’d tried, my friend had the shaft modified, lengthened, kick point altered etc.  He’s 6’4″ tall.  That club was set up as bad as a club could be for my 5’9″ frame and granny swing.  My V3 on the other hand, was close to magically setup for me and very easy to hit.


There are many design features and technologies at work with the Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid.  And by the way, it would be cool if Adams could come up with a longer name for their next model…  Ahem.  I’m going to call it the V3 for now.

The head is made of a premium stainless steel with a black/gray color.  The sole shaping is good for players who sweep the ball as well as those who come in at a steep angle.  The sole is also recessed, which decreases turf drag by 30.5%.  In other words, it should cut through thick lies well.

Tungsten weighs in the heel and toe of the head increase the MOI (moment of inertia), keeping the face more square on off-center shots.  The higher the MOI the less likely the club face will go off line during impact, thus increasing accuracy.

The top of the head is super thin, moving the weight to the lower half of the club.  The lower the weighting in the head, the higher the ball will launch.

The face is super thin as well, creating hot ball speed, up to 17% fast than other hybrids on the market.


Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid

Looks And Feel

I won’t sugar coat this one.  This isn’t the prettiest club I’ve stood over. The face looks half closed and half open because the top line appears to have a curve in it.  But the way the club naturally sits on the ground is in a perfectly square position, so face alignment is easy.

The feedback of the club however is very nice.  The sound the club makes when hitting balls is a nice high pitched ping.  I can feel and hear how soft that thin face is and I can vouch for the ball speed mentioned above.  As challenged as the club is in the looks department, it is spectacular on the feel and feedback side.

On The Course

My V3 has become a staple in my bag.  I’m able to hit long and high shots which travel the length of a 3 or 4-iron.  They travel that length, but fly much higher.

I find this club to be so easy to hit that I almost feel like it should be illegal.  Being able to hit 210-240 yard shots this easy should be against the rules.

On short par-4’s I use the V3 as my layup club off the tee.  On par-5’s I’ve reached in two on many occasion as a result of having new found long iron distance and accuracy.  I’m able to dig the ball out of lies in the rough quite easily, perhaps only bettered by one other hybrid I’ve ever tried.  It is nice to be able to hit a green from thicker lies 200+ yards out.

One funny thing about my V3 is the ball flight.  I draw this club, always.  I’ve tried to hit fades and I’ve only managed a couple of times.  I don’t know if it is my granny swing, a closed face, or the shaft, but this baby always draws for me.  No big deal.  I start out the ball 5-10 yards right of the pin and let it rip.  I can do it every time.




Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid

Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid Head Cover – Click for more


Head Cover

I usually rip on golf companies’ head covers, having formerly worked for Sumi-G and also having no patience for those damn sock style covers.  But Adam’s design with the “back door in the neck of the cover” is very cool and easy to use.  Nice job on this one Adams.  This is one of the few head covers I could keep in use and not be irritated by it.

Available Lofts

Model Loft Lie Length SW Hand
3 19º 59.25º 41.25” D0 R L
4 22º 60º 40.25” D0 R L
5 25º 60.75º 39.25” D0 R L
6 29º 61.5º 38.25” D0 R L
7 33º 62.25º 37.5” D0 R


My golf pals were drooling over my new Idea Tech V3 Hybrid the day I put it in play.  They all said they heard great things about them.  I can say from personal experience that if you’ve heard good things about the V3, they’re all true.  Despite the V3’s funky looks, the club is solid, high performance, accurate and extremely easy to hit.

One response to “Adams Idea Tech V3 Hybrid Review”

  1. Adams Idea Tech V3 says:

    I love these V3 irons. They play very well and dropped my handicap by 5 strokes. Great review by the way Tony.





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