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Social Networks

After posting my reviews, I send out social network pushes to many accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and even Linked In.  Here’s a list of the networks and the number of followers/fans as of February 2018:

HOG YouTube Page: 775 subscribers, 5,815,00 + views
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Review Disclaimer

If you would like to have your product reviewed I’d be happy to do it! You can send a sample of your product to the address below. There is no fee for product reviews and purchasing advertising is not a requirement for a favorable review, unlike some other golf websites! Products that don’t earn a starting position in my golf bag find their way to my local junior golfers.

Be aware that your product may not get a 100% favorable review if it is sub par in quality, design, packaging, or concept.  I don’t take instructions on what I can and cannot write in my reviews.  Unless what I write is factually incorrect, reviews will not be modified or deleted at the request of the product supplier.  They’re not “reviews” if I do that.

I do not guarantee that I’ll post a review if a product has been sent in, though I do review a high percentage of the submissions.

Shipping/mailing address:

Hooked on Golf Blog
732 West Oak Green Drive
Sandy, Utah 84070


If you are submitting items for review, please check the following specs so that I may have the proper setup for a great review:

My USGA Handicap: 5.0 (Jan 1, 2019)

Driver specs: Driver club speed roughly 98mph, 10.5 Degree, Graphite stiff shaft, RH, standard loft, standard length, standard lie, minimal or no offset
Metal-wood specs: Graphite stiff shaft, RH, standard loft, standard length, standard lie, minimal or no offset
Hybrid specs: Graphite stiff shaft, RH, standard loft, standard length, standard lie, minimal or no offset
Irons and wedges specs: Steel stiff shaft, RH, standard loft, standard length, standard lie, minimal or no offset
–Putter specs: RH, standard loft and lie, length 34″
–Shirt size: Large (XL for euro/tight fit)
–Pant size: 36
–Shoe size: 9, 42 euro
–Glove: Medium, medium cadet
–Apparel color preferences: Black, red, green.  Please, no blue.
–Language: English
Sunglasses: prescription only! I wear prescription on the course.

Golf Balls: Because of the depth of my reviews, usually taking several weeks of actual on-course playing and testing over the course of many rounds, the minimum submission for golf ball testing is one dozen.  Two dozen is optimal.  Golf ball submissions of less than one dozen will not be reviewed.

Golf Irons: Because my reviews are hands-on and most of the testing is done on real golf courses in real rounds of golf, I will only review full iron sets.  Partial iron sets will not be reviewed.

Book Reviews: At this time I ask that books not be sent in for review.

Food Items, Sports Drinks, Sports Bars, Supplements:  Please provide a minimum of a case, or one month’s supply. A proper review of a sports supplement or such item cannot be done with one serving.

Return shipping

I receive many products each month to review.  I don’t have the time or budget to package and pay for shipping of products to be returned.  If you send in a product and you’d like it to be returned, be sure to follow the checklist below or it will not be returned!

1. Return packaging (boxes, envelopes etc) must be provided and must be addressed.
2. Return shipping costs must be prepaid.  Shipping forms filled out and included.
3. Products to be shipped back only via standard carriers who will PICK UP the item from my location.

Review samples not claimed within 30 days of the review posting will be donated to charity or used as site prizes and giveaways.


Your review will appear not only here on HOGB, but might also appear on my sister golf site: The Golf Space. That is two reviews for the price of one. (Free!)

I also take advantage of social networks to promote the articles.  Links to the articles with photos will appear on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube (if there is video content).

HOG Reader Demographics

Most live within 5 miles of a golf course.
83% are male
Most play 5-9 rounds of golf per month.
Most buy their golf gear at brick and mortar golf stores.
Most spend $1000-2000 on golf rounds per year.
Most handicaps are 5-20 (tie between 5-9 & 10-20)
Most would be willing to spend up to $100 on one round of golf.
Nearly 2/3 have actually attended a PGA Tour event

Kickstarter or Crowd Funding Campaigns

I do not post crowdfunding requests or links to Kickstarter campaigns.  Thanks for your consideration in not sending these types of email requests.  They will go unanswered.

When the product is funded and available at retail, feel free to proceed with a product review submission.

Press Releases

I receive dozens of press releases per week. For obvious reasons I can’t post every press release. I do check them out and if I have the time and feel the need, I’ll post or comment about some of them.

I’ve built a sister blog to this site for press release and PR material.  Please check out HOGWire.

Qualified press releases must contain useful and valuable golf news regarding golf equipment, tournament information, charity events, travel, courses, golf architecture, or other subjects related to the golf industry.

“Apparel scripting” and “what is in the bag?” is not news and will not be posted.


When you are ready to have your product reviewed, use the contact page to contact me (Tony Korologos) and let me know you’re shipping.  I do travel quite a bit and I want to make sure the packages are not delivered to my office while I’m on the road.

For a better review, be sure to include the documentation, promotional materials and any other relevant information about the product and company as well.

Review Time Frame

I’m sorry, but I no longer quote times for reviews.


Expert Insight:

“On behalf of Phil Gordon and the entire team at Expert Insight, I would like to thank you for the outstanding review of our Short Game Golf DVD. We are absolutely marveling at the amount of work you put into the review and can’t adequately express our gratitude.

We’ll keep all future releases coming your way, golf-related or otherwise, and wish you and yours and very happy holidays!


Allen Blankenship
Product Manager
Expert Insight”



I am a regular to your “Hooked on Golf” blog and recently joined your site “” Enjoy both very much.

Find your equipment reviews of great worth. Find your golf experiences to be a large part of my enjoyable viewing experience.

Keep it up!

Daniel L. Thomson



Are you kidding? I’ve NEVER seen a quote that awesome! How do you do it, Tony!? We’re all talking about putting this somewhere streaming on our site! You’re the best!
How are you doing? What’s new over there?

Kelly M. Mooney, President
This Just In, Inc.
2305 Falcon Drive
West Linn, OR 97068




Absolutely awesome article, thank you very much! I absolutely love your analogies and hands-on writing style.

Thanks again,

Jeremiah Bohannon


I read your review on the Interlink Golf System and proceeded to purchase.

I totally agree with your positive comments. There have been some components in the swing that have never been clear to me such as release and non-release; shoulder rotation/shoulder turn, etc. After having watched the DVDs in this set I have a much better understanding.

Thank you for introducing me to this system.

Don Wilkinson


Hi there.

Just thought I’d drop a quick mail to say congrats.

You have an amazing golf blog and I’m already addicted to it. Also kinda made me realize how we here in South Africa and lacking a wide array in good golfing apparel. I was gobsmacked and amazed by the fact that you can “build” your own pair of “MyJoys .” Really awesome stuff.

Once again congrats on the awesome blog, and keep up all the good work.


Kevin Copley

South Africa, Durban.

Some Site Stats

Site stats below are hard to understand.  There are two ways the site is measured, via HTTP and HTTPS connections.  HTTPS is secure and HTTP non-secure.  I’m not able to combine both stats into one table.

HTTP stats – June 2017 to April 2018

HTTPS (secure) site stats – June 2017 to April 2018