PING Scottsdale Shea Putter Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 30th, 2011
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PING Scottsdale Shea Putter

Welcome to my second in a three part review series of PING Scottsdale putters, each which is designed for a specific arc type.  The first was my review of the PING Scottsdale Senita putter, which is most suited for a straight putting arc.  Today’s subject is the Shea putter, best suited for a slight arc.  Hey, that’s my arc type!

PING Scottsdale Shea Putter Overview

The Scottsdale Shea putter is a heel-toe balanced (mid-hang) mallet putter.  It is a bit of a cross between a heel-toe blade and a small rounded mallet.  Like the other Scottsdale putters, the top of the head is a darker matte finish.  This helps prevent glare and is easy on the eye.  The bottom of the club is a gloss finish. Gotta love glossy bottoms.

PING Scottsdale Shea Putter

Shea Face – Thermoplastic Elastomer Insert – click to zoom


The Scottsdale line employs a few standard technologies.

The face of the Shea Scottsdale contains a “thermoplastic elastomer” insert.  The plastic/rubber insert provides a great soft feel and helps with distance control.

The 355 gram Shea putter’s perimeter weighing produces a high MOI (moment of inertia), meaning it likes to stay square through the stroke and through impact.  This is good.

PING Slight ArcSlight Arc

The balance and setup of this club is best for players who have a slight arc in their stroke.  I fall into this category.  I have a slight “swinging gate” stroke.

For more on the Stroke Type concept and info on how you can find out what your Stroke Type is, refer to my PING iPing putter app review.

The dark matte finish on the top of the club helps the putter’s alignment line jump out, helping the player with ball position and stroke line.

PING Scottsdale Shea Putter Review

PING Scottsdale Shea Putter Top Line – click to zoom

Looks And Feel

As with about every PING putter I’ve ever used, the looks and feel are fantastic.  Not really sure what goes on in the PING factory, but when they make putters they must sprinkle some kind of magic “feel” dust on them.

The matte dark finish looks great standing over the ball.  The contrast with the golf ball and the alignment marking is a great help visually.


As I’ve mentioned before, I’m a big fan of PING’s choice in grips.  They’re always cutting edge and have such great feel.  The Winn AVS is soft yet firm.  Great for the touch needed on the putting surface.

Ping Scottsdale Putter Grip

If the Winn AVS isn’t your choice, there are several other custom grip options available from PING.

Ping Scottsdale Shea Head Cover

Head cover does its job, looks good and isn’t too bulky.

Head Cover

The Scottsdale series head covers are very sharp looking.  The cover does a fine job protecting the club, while not being irritating.  Nothing worse than fussing with a crappy head cover before a high pressure putt to win $2.00.


The PING Scottsdale Shea Putter combines great feel, great looks and great performance.

Before you buy one though, be sure to analyze your putting stroke and make sure this is the right one for you.


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