PING Scottsdale Senita Putter Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, October 27th, 2011
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Perhaps the greatest putter I ever had was my trusty old PING Zing.  I was deadly with that thing.  Unfortunately it was stolen right out of my bag a few years ago. I think some of my regular golf opponents put out a contract on it.  So I’ve always had a soft place in my bag for PING putters…

PING Scottsdale Senita Putter

The Scottsdale Senita putter is what I’d call a descendent of the PING Craz-e putter.  It is a mallet with some very funky designs behind the blade.

PING Scottsdale Senita Putter

PING Scottsdale Senita Putter - click to magnify

Those funky designs don’t just give the putter a high tech look.  They serve crucial purposes like providing proper weighting, moment of inertia and giving the player visual alignment help.

PING Scottsdale Senita Putter

PING Scottsdale Senita Putter - Thermoplastic Elastomer Insert - Click to zoom


The Scottsdale line, not just the Senita, employs a few standard technologies.

The face of the Senita Scottsdale contains a “thermoplastic elastomer” insert (pictured right).  This plastic/rubber insert provides a great soft feel and helps with distance control.

The club head of this putter is perimeter weighted, providing a balance which helps keep the club face on target through the stroke and especially at impact.  This is referred to as MOI or moment of inertia.

PING Fit For Stroke Straight Arc

Straight Arc

The Senita is face balanced and best suited for players with a straight arc Stroke Type.  For more on the Stroke Type concept and info on how you can find out what your Stroke Type is, refer to my PING iPing putter app review.

The design lines and high contrasts of the mallet’s top provide the player with subconscious visual help for alignment and stroke line.

Looks And Feel

I could hardly contain the gear euphoria induced golf drool when I cracked open the box and looked at this beautiful putter.  The black chrome finish on the bottom of the head is gorgeous.  The precision craftsmanship and decoration all around are fantastic.

The feel of the putter is soft because of the insert, but yet still solid.  I can sense perfectly when I’m not quite hitting the center of the club face and I can feel the weighting at work on off center shots.


PING seems to always be ahead of the curve on their grips, especially putter grips.  I love the stock Winn AVS grip on my Senita, which is so soft yet tacky.

Ping Scottsdale Senita Putter

Ping Scottsdale Senita Putter Grip - Winn AVS - Click to zoom

My hands seem to mold to the club and the shaft seems to become one piece with my hands and arms.  If the AVS isn’t your cup o’ tea, there are several other grip options available from PING.


The PING Scottsdale Senita Putter is a beautiful mallet putter with a fantastic feel.  Putts roll true and the club’s feedback is superb.

DON’T go out and buy one just because of this review though, until you’ve gone through the PING “Fit For Stroke” fitting.  Make sure the Senita is the proper putter for your putting arc.


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2 responses to “PING Scottsdale Senita Putter Review”

  1. Jason Rogers says:

    Thanks for the great info! I recently picked up golf after retiring and this blog is great! I picked up a golf manual. And not sure if it is the best or not.

    Thank you


  2. Eric says:

    This putter is great for a pendulum style stroke. I was sick and tired of fighting with my putting game and focused on doing something about it, that research brought me to this putter. Some golf shops run you through their process of fitting based upon the club you like and as such I have fought two 2 Ball putters and a Titleist, all great clubs respectively. I did the Ping online club fitting, took the recommendations to golf store and proceeded with the list – amazing results! This putter fit me exactly to the specifications Ping presented. I always pulled my putts left and came up short or overcompensated and would blast my putts right. No more. Then line of sight for the follow thru has straightened my putts and I’m amazed that my focused has shifted to hitting straight and allowing the green to guide my ball towards the cup. Monumental leap in my game. The feedback from the face, now that I’m hitting it square has allowed me to understand how much stroke I need to utilize for distance. This putter is now my favorite club in the bag and I look forward to putting now.





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