Power Play SystemQ Adrenaline Hybrid

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, September 28th, 2011
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I sort of blew off reviewing the Power Play Adrenaline Hybrid for a while because it looked so offset.  I just figured I’d hook the hell out of it a few times and throw it in the garage.  But I finally busted it out and was very surprised to find that I hit it very well, and very straight!

Power Play SystemQ Adrenaline Hybrid

Hireko Power Play SystemQ Adrenaline Hybrid - Hits shots longer than it's name, which is hard to believe. Click to zoom...


This hybrid’s most noticeable feature is the sole shape.  The sole comes to a bit of a point or V shape which really helps get under the ball in either tight lies or in the rough.  The sole design is what Hireko calls a “unirail.”  Uni means one, so it has one rail.

The head on my 21 degree is offset by 1 degree, and the offset of these hybrids varies based on the model.  Check out the chart below for all of the lofts and offsets and more stats.

The weighting of the head is distributed to make the club easy to hit, and make shots fly higher.

The grooves of the club are like an iron’s grooves, rather than like a fairway wood or other hybrids.

Looks & Feel

Once I got past the offset look I didn’t mind the looks of this club standing over it.

The club has good feedback, telling me when and where my shots hit on the club face.

Available Lofts And Specs

Club Loft Lie Offset Volume Std Clublength
#1 Hybrid 15 d 60 d 2 mm 88 cc 40.5 in
#2 Hybrid 18 d 60.5 d 1.5 mm 84 cc 40 in
#3 Hybrid 21 d 61 d 1 mm 83 cc 39.5 in
#4 Hybrid 24 d 61.5 d 0.5 mm 82 cc 39 in
#5 Hybrid 27 d 62 d 0 mm 82 cc 38.5 in
#6 Hybrid 30 d 62.5 d -1 mm 80 cc 38 in
#7 Hybrid 34 d 63 d -2 mm 79 cc 37.5 in
#8 Hybrid 38 d 63.5 d -3 mm 78 cc 37 in
#9 Hybrid 42 d 64 d -4 mm 77 cc 36.5 in
PW Hybrid 47 d 64 d -4 mm 76 cc 36 in
SW Hybrid 52 d 64 d -4 mm 75 cc 36 in


For $37 bucks retail, it is tough to go wrong with this club.  It is easy to hit, and flies true and straight with a nice high ball flight.

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