Hooked On Golf Blog 10 Year Blogiversary – Looking Back at 2007-2009

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, December 10th, 2014
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This is a continuation of the “look back” posts in celebration of the Hooked On Golf Blog 10 year anniversary.  Today’s posts features highlights from the years 2007-2009.


Square drivers became the latest golf marketing scheme.

Met Dave Pelz at the PGA Show, along with Ashley Prange from Big Break.  Told Pelz I read his book. He asked me if it helped.  I told him I was still waiting for my invitation to the Masters.

My awesome deadly Ping Zing putter was stolen.  To the person who stole it: I hope the golf gods curses you with the yips and the shanks, for the rest of your life.

One of the more entertaining stories of 2007, strippers doing lap dances on golfers in a tournament.  Sign me up.

Seve Ballesteros retired.

My now deceased friend Dave could catch his own golf shot.  Rest in peace my friend.

Met Mark O’Meara.  Great guy.

Visited the fantastic Bernardus Lodge and Winery.  Loved it.

The blog had to go to a new dedicated server because it was melting the old shared hosting.

I visited a golf course that would forever change my world, Black Mesa Golf Club.  Since going there I’ve made great friends at the course and played there dozens of times.  Simply my favorite course in the USA.  See pic below:

Aerial Photo of New Mexico's Black Mesa Golf Club - © 2014 by Tony Korologos

Aerial Photo of New Mexico’s Black Mesa Golf Club – © 2014 by Tony Korologos

This was unreal. Triage on a drunk driver between the approach shots and putts on the 6th hole at Mt. Dell Canyon course…

I tried to drive a golf ball through a 32 inch Sony TV from point blank range.


Kelly Tilghman apologizes for “lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley” comments.

HOG does nine with golf babe Blair O’Neal

I take the Ogio skate park dive

HOG was shut down by the site’s service provide for “consuming too many resources.”

I saw first hand, and recorded on video, Charles Barkley’s golf swing.  Don’t watch unless you have a barf bag handy.

My now deceased friend (yes the same one from before) beat up the cart boy.

One of my most popular posts is a video interview about the Uro Club, a golf club you pee into.

The HOG World Tour visited Edgewood Tahoe.  Love that place.

News the Seve Ballesteros had brain cancer emerged.  Sad day.

John Daly spent the night in jail after passing out in a Hooters.  Later in 2008, John Daly was suspended from the PGA Tour.

HOG moved to a new dedicated server.


My Utah Utes crushed Alabama in the Sugar Bowl to go 13-0.

Worst winds ever, beating Scotland soundly.

Played TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course and lost a sleeve of balls on the par-3 17th island green hole.

I won the first ever Battle of the Golf Blogs.

I had a content stealing website shut down.

I won the “ladies’ day” tournament.  I should play from the red tees all the time.

13 year old son breaks the Fat Bastard Driver.

I FINALLY got Masters practice round tickets.

Had a chat with Dave Stockton.

Met Anna Rawson, Hale Irwin, and Rocco Mediate.  Not a bad day.

anna rawson

She’s in love… you can tell

Sadly, Nickent goes out of business.

Tiger Woods crashes into fire hydrant. Fishy story with no details would soon be the biggest story in golf in decades.

Tiger Woods admits to “transgressions,” also known as affairs.

Tiger Woods takes a leave of absence from golf, sponsors start dropping like flies.

HOG records roughly 20 MILLION hits for the year.

I win the 5th annual Christmas Classic golf tournament.

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