Guru vs Orlando Golf Blogger

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, February 23rd, 2009
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This is a followup to a round of golf I played last month in Orlando at the Disney course Lake Buena Vista. I’ll be doing a review of Lake Buena Vista soon.

Blogger vs Blogger

I’ve had the pleasure of playing golf with a few fellow golf bloggers now. Luke Swilor and I have had some awesome matches. He’s won two and I won the last one.

Last month in Orlando I hooked up with Orlando Golf Blogger Dave Lair. Dave is a very nice cat with a good natural golf swing. His handicap is fairly high right now but I assure you it will be going low if he keeps at it. One problem with Dave is that he is pointing the wrong way. He’s a lefty. 🙂

We decided to play a Nassau style bet. It would be four total $1.00 bets: Front, back, totals and an automatic back press. The format would be match play with handicaps. We had to do handis because the differential in our handicaps was too high.

I played fairly solid for a round on a foreign course and for being so rusty. Dave hit some good shots but had some driving issues which hurt his score and unfortunately for him I won all four bets.

I still have the $4 and I look forward to giving Dave a chance to win it back from me soon!

2 responses to “Guru vs Orlando Golf Blogger”

  1. tcovey says:

    It great to hear about guys from the blogging community getting together for a friendly round now and then. Maybe next year I’ll make it down.

  2. I believe “driving issues” is a severe understatement! 🙂
    Sigh… Tony, all you right handed folks are all the same… I am not pointing the wrong way, open your eyes man, left handed golf is the path to enlightenment! My mother always said that everyone is born left handed and become right handed after they commit their first sin 🙂

    Thanks for the kind words, good sir, you were a gentleman and a scholar and one helluva good golfer, it’s too bad you’re not left handed.. 🙂

    Till next year!






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