13 year old son breaks the Fat Bastard

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, July 21st, 2009
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My strange day continues…

So my son Michael is growing, fast.  He’s 13 and almost as tall as me.  But I always let him know I’m much better looking than he is….

Today was time to take his golf training wheels off and get him hitting a big boy driver, instead of the junior driver he was hitting.  I knew the perfect club for him, the 460cc Fat Bastard square driver.

The Fat Bastard has a regular shaft and a 10.5 degree loft.  The weighting is great and the thing is super easy to hit.  I would have kept it in my bag if I could have gotten a 9.5 and a stiff shaft, but since I couldn’t it has been in the garage waiting for today.

On the range Michael quickly got used to this new club and started to really crush it.  I mean 250 with a draw.  That had me frightened really.  Six months to a year from now my 13 year old could be knocking his drives past me.

I’ve hit the FB as well as several buddies.  But my boy was the one who broke it.  I’ve never even broken a club, except the one and only time I ever threw a club in disgust.

Michael is very bummed because he loved this club.  I could see the twinkle in his eye when he made full contact and launched it.  I’ll see if my pal “Hit ’em goode” has a replacement for him.

3 responses to “13 year old son breaks the Fat Bastard”

  1. Old Man Par says:

    Sounds like the young man is going to be needing a pretty good short game too — laying 100 yards or less to a green on your second shot *IS* the way to go through life, son!

    Question, though, why not get the club re-shafted? I can’t tell from the picture if it broke the hosel or the shaft where it goes into the hosel. If it is the latter, put a new UST Mamiya or something like it in place of the old. The club ought to be like new afterward.

  2. rmmcobra says:

    See if Hit `em Goode has a Rapture V2 for a replacement. If you got hit one of those he’d probably start hitting drives past you right away! Or unless you would like to keep him behind you get it reshafted. Fuji E150’s are rather affordable and perform well for moderately fast swing speeds.

  3. Well rmmcobra, Hit ’em Goode is the maker of the Fat Bastard, so I don’t think he’d send a Rapture! But if he did I guarantee you it would end up in MY bag and not my 13 year old’s!





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