Tiger Woods car crash is extremely fishy

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, November 27th, 2009
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Tiger Woods was “injured” in a car crash last night at 2:25am.  This is a single vehicle crash.  Initial reports had Tiger “seriously” injured, but now the reports are that he had a few lacerations on his face and was unconscious.

What IS known:

Tiger crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree.

Tiger’s wife Elin smashed a car window open with a golf club and removed him.  He was unconscious.  No word on what club she used and whether it was a Nike.

Alcohol is not involved.

Charges are “pending.”  WHAT charges could be pending?  If not alcohol then what?  Very fishy.

His airbag did not deploy so he was traveling less than 33mph.

Rumors are already flying.  Speculation running wild.

What could possibly be the reason Tiger left his house at 2:25am?  Was he on his way to get in line for Black Friday Christmas shopping, hoping to save a few bucks at WalMart?  Probably not.  Was he heading to the store to buy baby formula?  I’m guessing they were well stocked.

Checking the online forums many seem to believe this to be a domestic dispute issue.  This makes sense, especially if this has been brewing for a while.  Tiger’s behavior on the course this season has been excessively violent with club throwing, club smashing, cussing, bag kicking and the like.  Yes he’s done this in years past, but this year was noticeably worse.

There are other rumors which I won’t even regurgitate at this point and I hope they’re false.  I’m sure many more will be coming down the line.

Fishy to say the least

Whatever the case, and I’m not coming to any conclusions myself, this is fishy.

Best wishes to Tiger and family

I wish Tiger and his family the best and hope that if anything is troubling them, they work it out and live happily ever after.

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