Nickent is out of business

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, November 22nd, 2009
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“Our bank has refused to fund any future operations of the company.” John Hoeflich, Nickent President.

This is terribly sad.  Nickent is done.  I’ve always been a big Nickent fan.  I believe this lowly little blog helped that company grow in the beginning with some product reviews of their hybrids and putters.  The economy and lack of interest in some of their club offerings like irons and drivers led to their demise.  60 employees are now out of work as well.


I thought something fishy was up back on September 2nd when I noticed that Nickent’s web site had been moved from a .com to a  .net.  The .com had said “this account has been suspended” which typically is displayed by web hosts when they haven’t been paid for their service.

Currently I have two Nickent hybrids in my bag which I depend on greatly.  One is a 17 degree and one a 23 degree.  I have 20 degree to complete the set which I let my dad use, and he hits it so well he has informed me that I won’t be getting it back.  Otherwise I might have three Nickent hybrids in my bag.

Perhaps some bigger golf company will buy up the assets and designs of Nickent and carry on some of their great hybrid designs.

One response to “Nickent is out of business”

  1. Travelling Golfer says:

    Damn! That’s too bad. I have 2 of their hybrids in my bag and wish I had four!

    I could play any hybrid I want, probably for free and I paid for those two because they are the best I’ve ever tried.