Spotting some big names at the PGA Show

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, February 1st, 2007
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Jennifer MillsWho I did meet

I managed to meet Dave Pelz in the press room. I really respect this guy and the research he’s put into golf, especially the short game. He’s got a definite passion for the game and his instructional pieces on The Golf Channel are great. I told him I have his Short Game Bible and he told me he hoped it helped. I then told him I hadn’t received an invitation to The Masters yet but there was always hope. This man is very tall by the way. I also didn’t have the nerve to tell him he had his sunglasses on indoors. But then again, the sun always shines when you’re cool.

Jennifer Mills smiled at me as I snapped her pic (see pic). Met a bunch of the other talking heads from The Golf Channel as well including Brian Hewit.

Open mouth. Insert foot.

I met LPGA player (38th on the money list last year) Diana D’Alessio. When I was first introduced to her I asked what she was doing at the show. She told me she was an LPGA player. I said “oh really? How many years have you been on tour?” she said, “eight.” Open mouth. Insert foot. I told her I had to apologize for not knowing that, but I followed the PGA Tour so much more than the LPGA. She was very cool and even gave me a nice hug; so nice in fact that it rocked my world that day. She’s a cutie and I’ll be following her a little more closely now (not stalking her though hehe).

Speaking of the LPGA Tour, I met Ashley from the Big Break. She was very cool, very pretty and very tall.

I talked with Jack Nicklaus’ chief club designer Clay Long for about 45 minutes. That was a blast. Clay was a really cool guy and gave me all sorts of insight on club design and working with Jack Nicklaus.

Who I didn’t meet at the 2007 PGA Show

Annika Sorenstam was supposedly at the show as was Jim Furyk. I didn’t catch either them. I’ve met Furyk before and he was pretty cool. I really wanted to meet Annika because I think she wants me but she doesn’t know it yet.

Jeanie Cho was at the show too but I unfortunately missed her.

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