Kelly Tilghman apologizes for “lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley” comments

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 8th, 2008
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The Golf Channel is so “Tiger Googoo.” I guess that’s why they’re TGC, or “Tiger Googoo Channel.”

TGS’s announcers spout out anything random they can as long as the words “Tiger Woods” are included. Apparently Kelly Tilgman has apologized for just one of those moments where the Tiger googoo talk went over the politically correct line. She was making the point (which may be true) that the only chance young golfers have against Tiger would be if he were lynched in a back alley.

Alternate titles for the TGC abbreviation:

“Tiger is God Channel”
“Tiger Gawkers Channel”
“Tiger Glorification Channel”
“Tiger’s Glory Channel”
“Talking only about Golfing Cats”

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One response to “Kelly Tilghman apologizes for “lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley” comments”

  1. Miranda says:

    I had heard the apology which was vague and sounded more like it was meant for the young players, because she ‘apologized’ while Nick Watney was on screen and she said he was a class act. I missed the actual comments. I can’t believe someone would say that in this day and age. I guess Peter Kostis has been replaced by Kelly on Tiger’s PooPoo list now thanks to those comments. Kostis only criticized Tiger’s swing. He didn’t suggest that Tiger might. I had come to the conclusion that by the end of the Mercedes-Benz coverage that several members of the Golf Channel on-air staff seemed to have exaggerated opinions of themselves.

    I’m not a Tiger Woods fan, but he should do something about those comments. There’s no place for them in today’s society and it’s only making for a bad example for others to follow. He has the power to punish the Golf Channel and he should use it.

    And I completely agree with your observation that the Golf Channel is Tiger-obsessed. It’s this narrow view of golf that is going to hurt the sport in the long run. The media needs to be building up other golfers to star status to prepare for the inevitable (and probably sooner than anyone thinks) day that Tiger quits playing. Just wait until Tiger’s child is old enough to say “Daddy, don’t go,” when he’s packing for a trip to the British Open.





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