POLL: Do you buy the square driver hype?

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, January 30th, 2007
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Nike is coming out with the new Sumo SQ Sasquatch square driver. Callaway has the square FT-i driver. Many other golf companies which I visited with at the PGA Show are rushing to the CAD station to draft up square models of their drivers and woods to jump on the bandwagon.

callaway ft-i square driverSquare Driver

Does square really make a difference? The club face is still the same isn’t it? How much better can the balance, the MOI, the COG and other technologies in a driver (or other club) head get without breaking USGA and R&A regulations?

Thus the newest Hooked On Golf Blog poll has been posted:

Do you believe square drivers perform better than standard drivers?


One response to “POLL: Do you buy the square driver hype?”

  1. The Shanker says:

    It looks as though the manufacturers are clutching at straws now in an effort to keep sales going.

    The imposed rules governing equipment have put the stops on bigger heads and trampoline faces so now we are getting all sorts of ugly looking drivers with all sorts of spurious claims that they, (the manufactures), have discovered a new principle.

    How old is this game? It has been played in one form or another since Roman times (Pagnacia). Has the bulls**t been going on for all that time?