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Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, February 4th, 2008
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golf babe blair oneal o'neal not natalie gulbis hahaRecently I had the pleasure of interviewing a lady who I consider to be one of the most beautiful women in the golf world (a.k.a. golf babe), Blair O’Neal. Blair is not only a great golfer and a successful model, she’s a downright nice person.

1. You are a multi-tasking woman. You have two fields in which you excel. First, which is obviously why this interview is happening is GOLF! Give our readers a short golf bio. Tell us about your golf career, professional status, tournaments won or whatever info you’d like to share.

Well, as a junior golfer I played the American Jr. Golf Association tour every summer all over the US. I was also a member of the Jr. Ryder Cup Team in Spain. I won my State Championship in High School and was recruited by Linda Vollstedt at Arizona State University. I played every event during my four year college career at ASU and competed in the NCAA All- Stars team in Asia. After graduating I turned pro and played on the West Coast Golf Tour. I spent some time overseas playing all over Asia and in the Orient Masters. I also qualified for the Futures Tour (Developmental Tour for the LPGA). I have traveled all over the U.S. playing on the Futures Tour. There was some time off soon after because of a broken foot injury. But 8 months later when that was healed, I went back to the Futures Tour. That’s the short version!

golf babe blair oneal o'neal not natalie gulbis haha2. Your second field is modeling. I’ve stopped by your myspace page and your website several million times to gawk at your photos. All due respect to Natalie Gulbis, she can’t hold a candle to you in my book! Give us a short bio on your modeling career. What are some of the highlights and best gigs you’ve done.

I booked my first job about 2 weeks after I graduated from college and had professional status. It was a calendar with Golf Digest. I realized soon after that this was something I really enjoyed and continued to pursue it. It has been a learning experience. Some of the best jobs I have worked have been with Golf Digest, NIKE, IZOD, AutoWeek, and Barrett Jackson to name a few. I have also been able to work a lot of celebrity events which is always a good time. With Super Bowl weekend right around the corner and in AZ… there are going to be a lot of high profile events that I will get to be a part of!

3. When did you start golfing?

I started playing when I was 11 years old. My dad put my brother and I in a jr. golf clinic and I just loved it from the start. Most of the men in my family played and I think I kind of had some natural ability from the beginning. I began taking private lessons and literally practiced every day! It became my life.

4. Do you have any endorsement contracts for your gear? What’s in your bag?

Yes, I play with all PING golf clubs and equipment. I absolutely love my PING clubs, especially my driver! They have been very good to me over the years. It’s really nice since the PING factory is based out of Phoenix.

5. What percentage of your revenue is made on the golf course v.s. the modeling runway?

Well, this last year I have taken some time off to pursue my modeling… therefore most of my revenue has been made modeling. In the last year I have signed with FORD Models. I have booked some really fun jobs and have represented some great companies! But, of course I have still been on the course too! I’ve also been making “Meet the Pro” Appearances at some celebrity golf tournaments where I will give lessons, hit shots, and meet and greet. It’s been a great experience!

golf babe blair oneal o'neal not natalie gulbis haha6. What’s the most risqué modeling you’ve done?

Haha I really haven’t done much risqué modeling. I have done swimsuit and some lingerie but as long as it is done in a tasteful manner and is classy… I don’t see anything wrong with it. Also, I am on the “Phoenix Scorch” Lingerie Bowl Team. It is one of the first teams in the LFL (Lingerie Football League)- a Super Bowl Halftime Extravaganza!

7. Tell us about your new web site. I’ve been there a few million times and it’s very well put together.

I have been wanting to put together a website the last couple of years. I finally had the time this past year. I have a great web designer (www.kyleclancy.com) and they have been really great to work with. Almost everything is online nowadays… so it is nice to have a place to post photos, resume, bio, contact information, and have a blog so that people can follow what I am doing. I am always updating my site with blogs, photos, etc. so check it out often!! WWW.BLAIRGOLF.COM

8. What’s your marital status? 😉

Haha… I am single! I date when I have time… but past relationships have made me realize what I want and do not want out of a relationship! I definitely will not settle for less, therefore, I am pretty picky 😉 If you get to a second and third date… that’s a good sign! lol

9. What are your goals for both your golf and modeling future?

Of course I want to continue to excel in both golf and modeling. Golf is my passion and I love to compete. Although, it has been nice taking a little break and pursuing other things in life I enjoy as well. The great thing about golf is that you can play it no matter what your age. It’s also a game that you can never totally conquer… so there is always something to work on which keeps you coming back for more. I am looking forward to playing competitive golf in the very near future… it’s in my blood!

I hope to continue to take my modeling to the next step. This year I would like to sign with some agencies in California and just be able to take advantage of every opportunity I can while I am still young! Lol I am really blessed with the opportunities I have had thus far and just want to continue to succeed in everything I do!

Thanks Blair and good luck with your career(s)!

For more images of Blair O’Neal, visit her web site or the Hooked On Golf Blog Blair O’Neal Photo Gallery.

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