HandiMagnet is Great Golf Accessory for Mounting Gloves, Towels, Cigars

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, June 12th, 2020
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I get so many useless golf gadgets in for review that it’s a big deal when I receive an actual useful one! Well here’s the big deal, the HandiMagnet.  HandiMagnet is a small golf accessory which an incredibly strong magnet on one end, and a multi-function clamp on the other.


The first clamp, seen lower right on the image above, is for gloves, towels, or even papers like scorecards or pin sheets.  Simply attach the super magnet to your push cart or golf cart frame, then hang the glove/towel/paper from the other.  The accessory airing out and drying sweaty gloves.  Take the glove off and hang it on the HandiMagnet while driving the cart or pushing a trolley down the fairway and let the glove air out in the sun and wind.

I’ve used the clamp to hang a pin sheet and have it right up in front of my face on a golf cart. Super convenient.

Cigar Holder

I’ve been known to enjoy a few stogies on the golf course.  One pain when golfing is finding a place to put that cigar. With the 2nd mount (middle of first photo above) one can make any metal object an instant cigar holder.  Below my 4-iron has been converted from a club that’s hard to hit, to a club that provides me convenient access to my Romeo Y Julieta.

Bonus Function – Club Loft Checker

An old golf trick to help a player understand the launch angle of a club is to stick a golf tee on the face of the club.  The tee points to the angle of the shot.  A golfer can use that in practice or on the course (against the rules) to see if a shot will clear an obstacle like a tree.  Sometimes golfers will use some chewing gum to stick the tee to the club.

A bonus with the HandiMagnet is this unit can be used as an easy loft checker.  The magnet is so strong it will not come off even during a full swing.  I tried it and couldn’t get it to budge.

Final Thoughts

Father’s Day is coming up quick! HandiMagnet is a super choice for dad, at a mere $13.99. Get one for dad and one for yourself and still have enough money left over to buy a frosty beverage at the cafe after your next round.


Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, November 23rd, 2014
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You know those suction cups which go on the end of a putter or golf club which are used to pick up the ball out of the hole? With my bad back I may be a few short years of using one, to save myself having to bend down.

In that same vein there’s a golf accessory called Magnecaddy which helps golfers avoid bending down to pick up golf clubs. Magnecaddy is a very powerful magnet which screws onto the end of a golf club. The magnet is strong enough to pick up an iron or wedge, probably several. In the photo below I’m picking up a heavy old Hogan 56 degree wedge from a cart path… Don’t ask me about the cart path part.

No problem picking up a heavy Hogan wedge

In addition to the strong magnet, there is an included ball marker:

golf ball marker

Magnecaddy marker


Magnecaddy is a bitt of an off-the-wall golf gadget which I would not imagine many serious or “tour” players would use. But it could be a good golf gift for a senior golfer, or one like me with a bad back.

Green Sleeve Pocket Ball & Club Cleaner

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 12th, 2014
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Why do I love golf so much?  Perhaps because I’m half Scottish.  When a product comes in with a University of Utah Utes logo, or a Scottish flag, it moves to the top of the review queue.  Case in point is this neat little ball and club cleaner called Green Sleeve.

Green Sleeve ball club cleaner

Cleaning my 7-iron with Green Sleeve

For optimal scoring and performance, clubs and golf balls need to be free of debris.  Clean grooves on irons and wedges mean complete control and proper spin.  A clean golf ball will fly and roll true.  Often it is inconvenient to carry a golf towel around, so sometimes we hit clubs and balls which are not always clean.  Green Sleeve’s pocket sized footprint means we will never be in that situation again.

Cleaning a golf ball with Green Sleeve

Cleaning a golf ball with Green Sleeve


  • Pocket sized and convenient to carry
  • Internal microfiber cleans and polishes golf balls and irons
  • Numerous colors, designs available
  • Custom print/logo



Green Sleeve delivers as promised, a convenient and easy to carry golf ball and club cleaner.  The $12 retail price is reasonable for the quality and features the unit delivers, and it would make a great golf gift.

Snap Hookz Golf Accessory Follow-Up

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, July 24th, 2014
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf GearReviews

This is a quick follow-up commentary on a previous golf accessory review.  Back on May 29, 2014 I reviewed the Snap Hookz golf “accessory accessory.”  This is a unit which attaches to the golf bag and provides more and better options for hanging and mounting club brushes, golf towels, GPS watches, hats, or whatever.

I’ve been frustrated lately with my 4-wheeled Sun Mountain Micro Cart and Nike Golf Bag combination lately.  The Nike bag’s hinges for the legs hits the Sun Mountain cart at the worst spot.  The result is that the bag slips and rotates, bunching my clubs all up on one side.  Yesterday I tried a solution, which was mounting the bag’s front on the underside toward the cart and that solved the movement problem.  But the new problem was that my accessory loops and pockets were all underneath and not easy to access.

Snap Hookz on underside of golf bag!

Problem Solved!

With the Snap Hookz I was able to “create” a new set of loops for the leg-side of the bag (see photo above) and hang my GPS watch, golf towel, and Frogger club brush for easy access!

Nice job Snap Hookz!

The Club Caddy keeps your grips dry

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, July 2nd, 2009
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If you only knew how many golf gadgets I have in my house…  It is tough to pick which one I’ll try out each day I go to the course.   With all the rain here lately in Seattle Salt Lake it has been a good opportunity to put The Club Caddy into play and I’ve been quite satisfied with the results.

The Club Caddy is basically a spring loaded “Y” shaped clamp which attaches to the shaft of a club and provides two of three legs of a tripod.  The third leg is the club shaft.  The unit elevates the club grip off the wet grass and keeps the club easily accessible, especially good for those with bad backs like myself.  It also serves as a reminder not to forget a club.

The footprint isn’t exactly conducive to putting in your pocket or storing inside smaller pockets of your golf bag.  But the unit comes with a bag clamp to attach it to.  You don’t really need to do that though, as you can attach the “Y” to the shafts of clubs in the bag, bag straps etc.

As you can see by my 2nd image, I’ve managed to use The Club Caddy to not only keep my clubs dry, but my playing partner’s as well.


It is tough to write a 2000 word review on something like this so I won’t even attempt it.

I was skeptical before I started using this thing.  You can even ask The Club Caddy inventor David Jones.  In one of my email responses to him I told him it wasn’t likely I’d use it.  That being said, I’m pleasantly surprised at the usefulness of this device, having dealt with a ton of rain and soggy conditions on the golf course lately.  I really don’t like trying to hit shots with wet grips.

I’m not the only one who likes this unit either.  It won the Golf Channel program “Fore Inventors Only.”

Golfer’s love to buy toys but in today’s economy that can be tough. The price point of The Club Caddy is reasonable at $14.99.  I think going beyond the $15 level for an impulse buy golf gadget is a tough sell.

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The Club Caddy is available to purchase at The Club Caddy web site and I hope to soon have it availabe in The Golf Space SHOP.





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