Snap Hookz Golf Accessory Follow-Up

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, July 24th, 2014
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This is a quick follow-up commentary on a previous golf accessory review.  Back on May 29, 2014 I reviewed the Snap Hookz golf “accessory accessory.”  This is a unit which attaches to the golf bag and provides more and better options for hanging and mounting club brushes, golf towels, GPS watches, hats, or whatever.

I’ve been frustrated lately with my 4-wheeled Sun Mountain Micro Cart and Nike Golf Bag combination lately.  The Nike bag’s hinges for the legs hits the Sun Mountain cart at the worst spot.  The result is that the bag slips and rotates, bunching my clubs all up on one side.  Yesterday I tried a solution, which was mounting the bag’s front on the underside toward the cart and that solved the movement problem.  But the new problem was that my accessory loops and pockets were all underneath and not easy to access.

Snap Hookz on underside of golf bag!

Problem Solved!

With the Snap Hookz I was able to “create” a new set of loops for the leg-side of the bag (see photo above) and hang my GPS watch, golf towel, and Frogger club brush for easy access!

Nice job Snap Hookz!

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