Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, November 23rd, 2014
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You know those suction cups which go on the end of a putter or golf club which are used to pick up the ball out of the hole? With my bad back I may be a few short years of using one, to save myself having to bend down.

In that same vein there’s a golf accessory called Magnecaddy which helps golfers avoid bending down to pick up golf clubs. Magnecaddy is a very powerful magnet which screws onto the end of a golf club. The magnet is strong enough to pick up an iron or wedge, probably several. In the photo below I’m picking up a heavy old Hogan 56 degree wedge from a cart path… Don’t ask me about the cart path part.

No problem picking up a heavy Hogan wedge

In addition to the strong magnet, there is an included ball marker:

golf ball marker

Magnecaddy marker


Magnecaddy is a bitt of an off-the-wall golf gadget which I would not imagine many serious or “tour” players would use. But it could be a good golf gift for a senior golfer, or one like me with a bad back.