The Club Caddy keeps your grips dry

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, July 2nd, 2009
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If you only knew how many golf gadgets I have in my house…  It is tough to pick which one I’ll try out each day I go to the course.   With all the rain here lately in Seattle Salt Lake it has been a good opportunity to put The Club Caddy into play and I’ve been quite satisfied with the results.

The Club Caddy is basically a spring loaded “Y” shaped clamp which attaches to the shaft of a club and provides two of three legs of a tripod.  The third leg is the club shaft.  The unit elevates the club grip off the wet grass and keeps the club easily accessible, especially good for those with bad backs like myself.  It also serves as a reminder not to forget a club.

The footprint isn’t exactly conducive to putting in your pocket or storing inside smaller pockets of your golf bag.  But the unit comes with a bag clamp to attach it to.  You don’t really need to do that though, as you can attach the “Y” to the shafts of clubs in the bag, bag straps etc.

As you can see by my 2nd image, I’ve managed to use The Club Caddy to not only keep my clubs dry, but my playing partner’s as well.


It is tough to write a 2000 word review on something like this so I won’t even attempt it.

I was skeptical before I started using this thing.  You can even ask The Club Caddy inventor David Jones.  In one of my email responses to him I told him it wasn’t likely I’d use it.  That being said, I’m pleasantly surprised at the usefulness of this device, having dealt with a ton of rain and soggy conditions on the golf course lately.  I really don’t like trying to hit shots with wet grips.

I’m not the only one who likes this unit either.  It won the Golf Channel program “Fore Inventors Only.”

Golfer’s love to buy toys but in today’s economy that can be tough. The price point of The Club Caddy is reasonable at $14.99.  I think going beyond the $15 level for an impulse buy golf gadget is a tough sell.

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The Club Caddy is available to purchase at The Club Caddy web site and I hope to soon have it availabe in The Golf Space SHOP.





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