WT3 Golf GPS Watch by Golf Buddy

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 8th, 2014
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Golf Buddy WT3 Golf GPS Watch

Golf Buddy WT3 Golf GPS Watch

Golf Buddy is certainly one of the most respected names when it comes to the best golf GPS units. Now Golf Buddy makes a wearable golf GPS watch, the WT3. Let’s take a look at this $249 (retail) golf GPS watch.

Golf Buddy WT3 Golf GPS Watch Features

  • Preloaded with over 36,000 courses worldwide, 40,000 capacity
  • GPS tracking
  • Automatic course and hole recognition
  • Shot distance measurement
  • Pin placement
  • Dynamic green view
  • Target/hazard information
  • Digital scorecard
  • Long lasting battery
  • Water resistant
  • Multi-lingual

On The Course

The convenience of always having your golf GPS with you in the form of a wearable watch is great. No digging in the bag. No going back to the bag or the golf cart.

The other great part of having it with you is tracking your every step, for those of you like me who love to walk the golf course. The GPS tracking will tell you how far you walked, how long you walked, and what your average speed was. Cram the essential functions of a FitBit into a golf GPS and there you go.

WT3 Screens – click to zoom

The yardages provided by this golf GPS, and that’s really what we’re most interested in, are fast and accurate. Unlike other golf GPS watches, this one will tell you distances to hazards, lakes, trees, bunkers and the like. The standard yardage mode gives you the middle of the green yardage in big bold letters with smaller yardages for front and back of the green.

For fine tuning approach shots, you can position the pin on the green for more accuracy, just like handheld golf GPS units.

This wristwatch golf GPS also serves as a basic timepiece. In time mode the watch shows the time, day and date. The battery life when simply running the watch in time mode is a full 50 days.


My only beef with this golf GPS watch is the charging cable. Rather than a common mini-usb cable, the charging cable is proprietary. If you forget to grab the cable before your trip to Bandon Dunes or Scotland, you’re going to be walking off your yardages from sprinkler heads. You’re not going to find this cable at any store.


The Golf Buddy WT3 golf GPS watch comes in black or white.


Comfortable, convenient, great yardages, finetuning on the greens, and automatic course/hole recognition. The Golf Buddy WT3 golf GPS watch can be summed up in one word: SOLID.


Here are more images of the Golf Buddy WT3.

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