Green Sleeve Pocket Ball & Club Cleaner

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 12th, 2014
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Why do I love golf so much?  Perhaps because I’m half Scottish.  When a product comes in with a University of Utah Utes logo, or a Scottish flag, it moves to the top of the review queue.  Case in point is this neat little ball and club cleaner called Green Sleeve.

Green Sleeve ball club cleaner

Cleaning my 7-iron with Green Sleeve

For optimal scoring and performance, clubs and golf balls need to be free of debris.  Clean grooves on irons and wedges mean complete control and proper spin.  A clean golf ball will fly and roll true.  Often it is inconvenient to carry a golf towel around, so sometimes we hit clubs and balls which are not always clean.  Green Sleeve’s pocket sized footprint means we will never be in that situation again.

Cleaning a golf ball with Green Sleeve

Cleaning a golf ball with Green Sleeve


  • Pocket sized and convenient to carry
  • Internal microfiber cleans and polishes golf balls and irons
  • Numerous colors, designs available
  • Custom print/logo



Green Sleeve delivers as promised, a convenient and easy to carry golf ball and club cleaner.  The $12 retail price is reasonable for the quality and features the unit delivers, and it would make a great golf gift.