Frogger BrushPro Groove Cleaner Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, May 17th, 2007
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Frogger Brushpro Golf Club Groove CleanerWant to get that super spin that Phil Mickelson gets on his wedges? Want to be able to stop a 6-iron on the green like Tiger Woods, rather than having the ball release and go off the back? If you do, you’d better be sure your grooves are clean.

Frogger Brushpro Golf Club Groove Cleaner

I’ve gone through no less than 10 wimpy groove brushes. Some of those brushes have weak mounts and break off my bag, never to be found. On some the metal brushes bend, making the brush a disposable item since they’re not replaceable.

The Frogger Brushpro is the Hummer of club brushes. Every part of the Brushpro is industrial strength, even the handle. I’ve had a Brushpro on my bag for about 4-5 months now and I’m one happy groovin’ golfer.

Spring loaded nylon cable

The first great thing about the Frogger Brushpro is the retractable nylon cable. Many brushes don’t even have a retractable cable so you’re tethered to the side of your bag or you have to take it off. With the Brushpro’s cable I can casually stand and clean my grooves without having to bend over and hold my club under other items on my bag (like towels or straps). I’ve had other brands of brushes which do have a cable, but those wimpy cables broke after only a couple of uses.


Like I mentioned before, the handle is nice and thick. The handle is ergonomically designed and provides a nice grip when you really need to dig that dirt out of your grooves.

golf club groove cleanerNylon and phosphorous bronze combo brushes

If you have soft metal or forged irons you may want to go with the nylon brush. The brush won’t scratch or damage the metal in your irons.

If you need a little more beef to your brush you can go with the phosphorous bronze nylon combo. The metal brushes are in the center and the nylon on the outside. This is nice because you don’t poke yourself. I can’t tell you how many times I poked a hole straight into my finger with the steel brushes I’ve used in the past. Those little holes in your finger hurt and they bleed like crazy. There’s nothing like ruining an $80 golf shirt by getting blood on it from your club brush injury.

golf club groove cleanerRetractable groove cleaner

A key feature to the Brushpro is the retractable groove scraper. The groove scraper is a sharp metal point which can dig deep into your grooves and get all that compressed dirt and grass out. When (or IF) you wear out the tip of the scraper, there are replacements which can be easily installed. Once again, not disposable. Personally I haven’t even come close to wearing out the included tip in four months.

golf ballOn the course

My pre-shot routine goes clear back to my club selection. Once I’ve selected the club I think about my shot while I clean the grooves with my Brushpro. Many people clean their grooves when replacing the club, but I like to examine the club face and make sure it’s nice and clean and ready for me to make a good shot.

The Brushpro is very effective. Check out the picture of the ball I hit just after using the combo bristles and metal scraper on my wedge’s grooves! That’s bite baby! When I really get down and dirty with my Brushpro I can slice tomatoes with my lob wedge…


Weather just by helping you hit great shots and control your spin, or giving you an advantage over your opponents and helping you win that $2 Nassau, the $15 you’ll spend on the Frogger Brushpro will pay itself off many times over. Get the Brushpro and don’t bother with the wimpy brushes which will break or quickly wear out.

I have more pictures of the Frogger Brushpro in the Hooked On Golf Blog Brushpro Gallery.

2 responses to “Frogger BrushPro Groove Cleaner Review”

  1. golfgrouch says:

    Nice review Tony. This is exactly what Rich from Eatgolf could use!

  2. So Rich is the “dirty groove” type. I thought that might be the case…





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