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Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, May 29th, 2014
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So many golf accessories are worthless junk which nobody will use. My house is full of such things. Once in a while (not often enough) a new accessory pops up which is actually useful, designed well, and solidly manufactured. Here is one of those rare few, the Snap-Hookz.

Snap-Hookz golf accessory

Snap-Hookz in action…

What is this thing? No, not a fancy garter belt. This is a golf “accessory accessory.” It is mounted on any golf bag via the rain hood snaps and it provides more hooks, loops, rings, straps to hang or mount all the million other accessories a golfer might have.

Snap-Hookz Golf Accessory

Snap-Hookz Golf Accessory

In the case of my Snap-Hookz, I’ve mounted a GPS watch, Frogger BrushPro, and a golf towel to the unit (first photo).  Depending on if I’m carrying my bag, pushing a push-cart, or riding in a golf cart, I can mount the Snap-Hooks on a different side of my bag.


Finally a USEFUL golf accessory!  Snap-Hookz has made the gamer bag.  I guess you could say I’m “hooked on Snap-Hookz.”

At about $15, this would make a very affordable and well received Father’s Day golf gift.

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