FootJoy Layering System

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, March 28th, 2011
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I’ve been doing a lot of personal research for my review of the FootJoy Layering System, at locations on and off the golf course.  I’ve used the individual garments of the system on their own, as well as combining any two of the three and all three together on and off the course.

FootJoy Layering System

Layering System Concept

“Dress in layers” is a quote you always hear as advice when trying to keep warm.  The FJ Layering System is a complete set of garments which are used for every possible layer.  The three primary layers are the base layer, mid layer and outer layer.  I’ll describe each a bit below, as well as my experience with them.

FJ Base Layer

Base Layer

My base layer is the ProDry Performance Base Layer.  This is a skin tight layer which conforms to your body shape.  Despite being skin tight, the fabric isn’t restrictive and swinging a golf club, or skiing for that matter in my case, were easy. The fabric also is designed with moisture management and an “anti-microbial” finish to keep things from getting gamy under there.  Ahem.

It did take me a minute or two to get used to having fabric skin tight, as I always wear over sized and baggy shirts.  Once I did, I forgot I was even wearing it.

I used the base layer first on the ski slopes here at Alta several times over this past winter.  At 11,000 feet the temps here can be so cold that your nose hairs can freeze.  The base layer kept me nice and toasty, yet allowed me to move freely while skiing, as well as when I crashed and separated my shoulder.  That’s a story for another day.

On the warmer ski days when the temps where up in the 20’s and 30’s, I actually got hot enough to need to remove some of the layers outside my base layer.

Golfing with the base layer is easy.  Once again the layer retains body heat but is not restrictive at all.  I can swing freely, as freely as my bizarre swing can be at least.


FJ Mid Layer

Performance Half-Zip Pullover

My next layer in my own custom FJ Layering System is the Half-Zip Pullover.  This garment is awesome.  Mine is black, and finished with a nice sheen which looks really great.

The fabric in the Half-Zip resists wrinkles has the same anti-microbial properties as the base layer.  This layer is thicker though and can be used with or without the base layer.  The sleeve cuffs seal around the wrists well and keep out that cold air which can give you a real chill, without restricting the swing.

The zippered collar goes up to around the chin, allowing me to close down those drafts which can go down your neck and cause your whole body to catch a chill.  Even with the collar zipped all the way, the garment is still comfortable and non restrictive.


FJ Outer Layer

Outer Layer

My DryJoys Tour Short Sleeve Rain Shirt, a.k.a. “outer layer” is amazing.  This thing is SO good looking.  Every time I roll into a pro shop somewhere they rave about it, and my golf buddies all drool over it (good thing it is waterproof).  This layer provides protection from not only water but wind and cold and features a fabric which stretches four ways.

The range of motion I have with this garment on is awesome.  No restrictions.

I’ve worn this garment by itself dozens of times as a jacket to protect me from a little wind and cold and it is fantastic.

Nice features of this outer layer include the biggest pockets you’ve ever used.  The pockets must have been designed with putting winter-gloved hands into them, or perhaps most of your arm?  They’re huge.  The pockets also connect inside the garment.  So you could transfer contents from one pocket to the other, or put your hands together to keep them warm.

Another pocket inside the collar is a hidden gem for scorecards or other items.


FJ Layering System

1, 2, 3

As a total package, this three layer system is truly amazing.  I haven’t found myself sniveling and whining about being too restricted and not being able to swing while in the cold.  I’m sure my playing partners are about as happy about that as I am.


The FJ Layering System combines technology with functionality and allows me to keep warm and dry without restricting my swing.  The system was obviously designed and tested by real golfers.

Add the performance to the extremely sharp looks and design, and this setup is the golf equivalent of making an ace, only you don’t have to buy the whole club drinks.

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