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Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, March 29th, 2011
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Kikkor Golf

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Hang with me for a day and you’ll know that if the weather isn’t warm enough to wear flip flops, I wear Vans.  I love the comfort of that type of shoe.

At last year’s Masters practice round I stood next to Fred Couples and noticed that he wasn’t wearing “golf shoes.”  He was wearing some sort of tenny.  His reasoning was that the shoes were softer and easier on his back.  That struck a nerve, pun intended, with me.

Kikkor Golf

One of the biggest buzzes at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando was about Kikkor Golf.  Everyone was stopping by their cool booth to see their line and have a frosty beverage.  I made my stop there as well, and interviewed Kikkor’s James Lepp.

In my talks with James I loved this quote from him:

“Golf is an athletic sport. Why am I wearing dress shoes?”

Kikkor Tenny Clayburn

My first (and not last) pair of Kikkor’s are the Tenny Clayburns.  They look similar to my loved Vans or a pair of Converses.

Kikkor Golf Shoes

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The construction of the shoe is quite serious though.  Despite not having removable spikes, the Kikkor Diacon Embedded Spike System (DESS) does a fine job.  I surprisingly have great traction.

Because the shoe doesn’t have to build in the fittings for removable spikes, the shoe is lower to the ground and lighter.  More natural.

The sole, midsole and cupsole are designed for comfort and light weight.

The fuzzy suede leather is water resistant.

On The Course

Now that I’ve had a chance to put my Clayburns in play I’m hooked on them.  I have a bad back and bad knees (and a bad brain but that’s another story), which makes walking the course tough.  By mid way through the round I can be pretty achy.

Walking the course in my Clayburns is very low impact, and I don’t have the aches and pains I normally would in dress shoe style golf shoes.  I see what Freddy means.

Once again, I’ve been surprised by the performance.  I haven’t slipped once on a shot.  The soles and embedded spikes don’t look like they have a lot of traction, but they do.


Kikkor’s shoes run a little small.  It is advisable to order them about 1/2 size larger.


I like to play devil’s advocate and point out something which is lacking, not well done or needs improvement in a product.  I’m drawing a blank finding anything to say about my Kiks in the constructive criticism department.

Kikkor Logo

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Kikkor is leading a trend in golf shoes, away from the dress shoe style to a hybrid between golf and tennys.  My Kikkors are comfortable, cool looking and actually perform very well on the course.  I’ve gotten many compliments from golf buddies and course staff on how cool the shoes are.  I simply tell them, “I know.”

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  1. Julie says:

    I am so impressed with the Kikkor line of shoes! The fact that James started such an ambitious venture is amazing and I love that he played golf at my alma mater!!! Plus, it’s always great to be the “IT” booth at the PGA Merchandise show. Thanks for the review!

  2. extruded aluminium says:

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