Zoom Boom Swing Trainer Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011
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I can’t walk from my office to the bathroom without tripping over about 17 golf inventions.  I’ve gotten a bit jaded and quite skeptical after seeing so many products whose inventors think will be the biggest thing in golf since the golf ball.  I see a lot of these golf entrepreneurs invest their life savings into a product which they think will sell millions, only to have 1500 Chinese made units rotting away in their garage and a depleted retirement fund.

One of these products which I lumped into that category was the Zoom Boom.  This funky looking practice club not only had a strange look, I wasn’t a fan of the name either.  So without even trying it, I gave it to my local pro.  Happily I’d gotten rid of the thing.

Zoom Boom

What the heck is this thing? Click for more images.

Weeks later I started getting emails and calls from Zoom Boom inventor Lance McWillliams.  I had to hand it to this guy.  He was persistent.  He had a passion about his product (which I didn’t) and he was selling it hard.  I think Lance could sell swamp land in Louisiana for top dollar.  Lance’s persistence forced me to ask my club pro for the unit back.  At that point I was surprised to hear that the pro had been using it every day for his own swing, and during the lessons he taught.  Between Lance and my pro, I decided I’d better take a even a more serious look.

Zoom Boom Concept

The Zoom Boom is a T shaped piece of steel with a golf grip on the end and a heavy weight/ball at the top of the grip.  The T has smaller white balls which serve as visual club head alignment aids and provide weighting which helps promote the proper rotation and pronation in the swing.

The heavy weight of the unit itself can serve as a good swing exercise unit.  Regular clubs feel very light after swinging the Zoom Boom for a while.

Zoom Boom

Zoom Boom in the living room. Click for more.

True club head speed is not gained by strength.  It is gained at the bottom of the swing when the lag of the broken wrists catches up and releases as the wrists turn over.  Either because the Zoom Boom helps get the feeling of this lag and release, or just because I’m focusing on it as a result using it, I seem to have increased my lag and release.  I’ve noticed that I’m releasing the club better during times when I practice a few minutes a day with the unit.  If I slack off a bit, my release seems to fade away again.


Being a golf web geek, my first critique is that the Zoom Boom web site needs a redesign to give it a more professional look.  The site also comes up as a secure connection on all pages, which isn’t necessary unless buying the unit online.  It also says there’s a plugin which won’t work unless my browser is in “32 bit mode.”  Not sure what I’m missing there.

The price of the unit is quite high at $99 plus shipping, but the unit does come with 15 minute instructional video which is a nice addition.  Lance does provide a money back guarantee of unit cost AND shipping though if you are not satisfied for any reason.


I now keep my Zoom Boom in my office or in the living room.  If I’m hanging out watching golf on TV or have a minute or two, I pick up the unit and take some swings.

Placebo or not, I’m noticing a better release and some higher club head speed.

One response to “Zoom Boom Swing Trainer Review”

  1. Nick Chertock says:

    I’m in the same boat with all the training aids and I’m trying out the ZoomBoom right now too. You’re right about Lance, he called me up and we talked for a little while and that guy could sell ice to an eskimo.

    Well written review and it captures the same jaded feeling I often have about the gadgets I’ve bought over the years.





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