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Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, August 24th, 2007
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Tony Korologos Tattoo Golf Shirt
Back on January 11, 2006 I did my first review of some Tattoo Golf products. I still proudly wear my black Tattoo Golf t-shirt and my TG golf shirt. Despite being worn and washed dozens of times over a year and half, my TG golf shirt is still extremely comfortable and not wearing out at all.

“Poly-dri Hi Performance Microfibre Golf Shirt”

Wow that is a mouthful. Let’s call it PDHPMGS for short.

Essentially this golf/polo shirt has a fabric designed to wick perspiration from your skin where it can evaporate. This keeps you cool and dry, even in very hot and humid conditions.

Tony Korologos Tattoo Golf ShirtThe shirt has a stylish stripe going from the neck down the sides. It carves a very hip and manly look. The shirt also has the Tattoo Golf logo embroidered on the sleeve rather than in the upper chest. This is a very nice touch.

I’m thrilled with my PDHPMGS shirt. I’ve played in it several times this Summer. Our July here in my state was the hottest ever recorded. I played several times on the course when the temps were well above 100 degrees. Even though my PDHPMGS is black, I didn’t feel as hot because of the evaporative qualities of the shirt.

Bachelor friendly

One other thing I really like my PDHPMGS is how “bachelor friendly” it is. I’m not a laundry pro and ironing is one of the biggest PITA’s’ I can think of. I don’t want to spend my time ironing, I want to spend it on the course.

If I get my PDHPMGS out of the dryer quickly and hang it up on a hanger, I’ve got a wrinkle free golf shirt. The only ironing I do is on the driving range.

Nikki Disanto Tattoo Golf ShirtOk I admit it. Nikki Disanto rocks my world.

One other nugget about Tattoo Golf. They have to be one of THE coolest golf apparel companies out there just because they have Nikki Disanto as their female model. Nikki Disanto was on a couple of editions of The Golf Channel’s Big Break series and she is easily in my top three list of all time hottest golf babes (more to come on that list later).

Maybe my pals at Tattoo Golf can hook us up… I can dream can’t I?


Tattoo Golf brings an edge to the sometimes stuffy game of golf. I love wearing my TG gear at the snobby country clubs. They’re so concerned with “shirts with a collar.” I love showing up with my skull and cross bones/clubs TG shirts, which do have a collar!

All that being said, the shirts aren’t just a novelty. They’re high performance, high quality, extremely durable and most of all…stylish!

I have a bunch of Tattoo Golf images in the Hooked On Golf Blog Tattoo Golf image gallery. Yes, there are more pictures of Nikki Disanto there too.

3 responses to “Tattoo Golf Poly-dri Microfibre Golf Shirt”

  1. Pink Golf Tees says:

    It’s great to see the non-traditional golf apparel for both men and women!
    Pink Golf Tees

  2. Real Golf » Blog Archive » Hooked On Golf Blog ” Blog Archive “ says:

    […] Hooked On Golf Blog ” Blog Archive ” Tattoo Golf Poly-dri Microfibre … Tattoo Golf Poly-dri Microfibre Golf Shirt … a year and half, my TG golf shirt is still extremely comfortable and not wearing … […]

  3. jchrisler says:

    It is wonderful to see such nice golf shirts. I especially like the womens style.





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