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Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, April 15th, 2006
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This is the first product review that I had to wait until specific weather conditions occurred to complete it! It’s the first time I’ve hoped for rain on the golf course. Today my hopes came true so the Rain Wedge review is here.

Rain WedgeWhat is the Rain Wedge?

Invented by a company from Seattle (of course), the Rain Wedge is a cover which covers your clubs and the opening of your golf bag in the event of rain (or snow if you are from these parts). Most golf bags include a rain cover but these included covers are typically not well made or designed.

The most irritating part about normal rain covers is the access. Typically there is a zipper down the middle of the cover. You have to unzip and dig around inside the dark for your clubs. Your hand gets wet handling the cover and it’s quite inconvenient to get the clubs out and put them back. Quite often my hands and grips seem to get more wet from rubbing against the wet cover than if I didn’t have a cover at all.

Rain WedgeThe Rain Wedge cover is shaped like a rounded umbrella and clamps to the rim of your bag. It’s spring loaded and hangs over your bag keeping all rain out. To access your clubs you can simply move the spring loaded cover back to expose the entire opening of your bag. Getting to your clubs with the cover on couldn’t be easier. If the rain subsides for a while you can use the Velcro straps to secure the cover in the retracted position. When the rain comes back it would take you all of 3-4 seconds to get the cover back into full cover mode.

Some standard bag covers leak. This is extremely irritating when you are fighting the elements only to find that your grips are soaked from your rain cover’s leak.

The Rain Wedge covers the outside of the bag rim so there’s no chance of a leak getting your grips wet.

Compact and convenient

When not in use the Rain Wedge folds into a thin, flexible shape. They recommend putting the Rain Wedge in your bag with your clubs, but it’s so flexible I’m able to fold it down to a shape that will fit in my bag’s larger pockets.

Critic’s corner

With all my reviews I try to find room for improvement, problems, issues etc. The only issue I had with the Rain Wedge was when I got careless putting the cover back over the clubs. It’s spring loaded and can be covered with water. Several times I let it flip back on it’s own and all the moisture on it’s surface flipped in my face!

Natalie Gulbis


At a mere $29.95 price, the Rain Wedge is a must have. The Rain Wedge is easy to use, convenient, compact and does it’s job perfectly.

You’ll make up the $29.95 price very quickly when your friendly bets against your buddies play out in a rain storm. Your clubs and hands will be nice and dry, resulting in your ability to hit good shots. Your opponents will be fighting wet grips and wet hands and consequently suffering from a case of light wallet.

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