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Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, October 17th, 2011
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If you are familiar with the Tour Striker you’ll get the concept of the Pure Shot Driver, a training aid for hitting more shots on the sweet spot of the driver.

Pure Shot Driver Concept

The Pure Shot Driver has a convex face, or a face which sticks out. The sweet spot of the driver is the only flat spot, with the surrounding areas of the face curving away toward the edges.

Pure Shot Driver

The Pure Shot Driver promotes hitting on the center of the club face. Flies like it too... Click to zoom

The concept of this design is to force the player to hit the center of the club face, or face the horrid visual feedback of balls going sideways, straight up or straight down.

On The Range

I was very surprised at how well I could hit the Pure Shot Driver right out of the box.  The driver is just as long as a regular driver and flies true when shots are hit on the sweet spot.  The feel and sound of the club is just as good as a regular driver.

Pure Shot Driver

Pure Shot Driver - click to zoom

Fortunately for me I actually had to “try” to miss-hit the club to see what would happen.  Most of my shots were on the center and went fairly straight.  I checkout out off center shots and let me tell you, these can go very sideways!  When I hit the inside of the face, the ball hooked about 200 yards OUT of the range at the course I was testing on.  Then hit some toe shots, which sliced badly into the 1st fairway.  Shots teed to high or which hit the top of the club face are like hitting a “flop driver” and go straight up.


This golf training device could be a good way to help players find the sweet spot of the driver more regularly.  It is easy to see the ball flight and determine where the club is hitting the club face and make adjustments.  I just recommend you find a spot in the middle of the practice range so you don’t hit shots out of the range on either side!

3 responses to “Pure Shot Driver – Golf Training Aid”

  1. Legalbgl says:

    See my problem with this aide would be that while you get feedback for the off center shots, it does nothing to correct the offending condition. There is no feedback as to the WHY you are off center. As opposed to something like the medicus, which depending on where it breaks, gives you an idea of what you messed up on..

  2. michael-ex-Navy says:

    I certainly do not see trying to hit such a small spot on the face of this driver.The game is tough enough just trying to hit the ball with a full faced driver never mind a small target like this. I get enough off center hits without making it more difficult.

  3. Daryl Stewart says:

    I would love to try out the Pure Shot Driver Training aid. I’m a big fan of the Tour Striker Clubs and I expected them to come out with a Tour Striker Driver. This driver would be close to what I would expect.





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