Bushnell NEO Ghost Pocket Golf GPS Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, June 1st, 2015
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Bushnell NEO Golf GPS

Bushnell NEO Golf GPS

I certainly can’t blame my golf accessories if I miss a green or a target!  When I’ve got the Bushnell NEO Ghost pocket golf GPS on my person I have a light and easy to read yardage.  Let’s take a look at the NEO Ghost in detail.


  • Preloaded with 33,000+ courses
  • 14 hour battery life. Number of holes or rounds obviously depends on pace of play.
  • Auto course recognition
  • Auto hole advance
  • Clear and large yardage numbers, easy to read
  • Up to four hazard distances per hole
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Multi-function clip and USB charging cable included (clip to belt or golf bag)
  • Super light
  • Available colors: black, charcoal, green, white

On The Course

First things first.  To get the NEO Ghost ready for a round it needs to be charged.  Unlike many golf GPS units, the NEO Ghost has a standard micro USB port.  It can be charged with a regular micro USB cable one might use for a smartphone or other USB peripherals.  Since it has no proprietary bizarre cable to charge it, you won’t end up on your first trip to Bandon Dunes realizing you can’t use your GPS because you forgot the funky charger.  Rant over…

A full charge lasts forever, or up to 14 hours.  I say forever because I can go several rounds before having to charge the unit.  Other GPS units I’ve reviewed barely last more than one round.

The size and ease of use of the NEO Ghost is a big selling point.  The soft edges and rounded corners slide in and out of my pocket easily.  Nothing sharp to bug me when the unit is in my pocket.  It is so light that I can hardly tell it is on my person.

bushnell gps golf

Invaluable and accurate golf data in the palm of my hand!

Looking at the display is refreshing.  It is super simple with big clear yardages.  The big number is the center of the green.  The smaller numbers represent yardages to the front and back of the green.  The unit will also provide crucial information regarding hazard yardages, like greenside bunkers.  It is always great to know the exact yardage to “cover” a bunker.

The unit powers up quickly and automatically knows the course I’m playing.  With 33,000 courses it is unlikely a user will run across a course which is not in the unit.


Ranging from $99 to $129, the NEO Ghost golf GPS by Bushnell is a very affordable and easy to use golf measuring device.  It delivers solid data, is sharp looking, light, charges easily, and lasts a long time.  Fantastic.

The NEO Ghost would make a great golf gift for Father’s Day, Christmas, Birthdays and more.

Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide: Threads

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, May 29th, 2015
Categories: GolfGolf ApparelGolf Gear

Father’s Day is coming up quickly.  It’s time to write up a golf apparel script for dad.  Below is my list of Father’s Day apparel suggestions which are guaranteed to make pops the hippest, sharpest dressed golfer in his group. Click the links within the text to go to the original golf blog post.


Golf Belt

Beltology Silver Spoon Belt

Don’t let dad get caught with his pants down. Get him a nice golf belt from Beltology.

Dunning Solid Mesh Contrast Collar Signal

Golf Shirt

Review: Dunning Solid Mesh Contrast Collar Signal Polo

Dunning is one of the best golf apparel brands available. Want to class it up for dad? Get him a Dunning polo like this incredible piece.

Golf Shorts

Tattoo Golf Shorts

Classy, comfortable, stylish shorts which come with a tiny edge in the form of the classic skull and golf club bones logo. Welcome to Tattoo Golf. Golf shorts unlike any other.

FootJoy City - Black/Mocha

Hybrid Golf/Street Shoes

FootJoy City Shoes

These hybrid golf shoes are good looking enough to wear to a wedding or out on the town, yet still perform great on the golf course.  Dad will dig ’em.

Dunning Stretch Thermal Striped 1/4 Zip

Outer Top Layer

Dunning Stretch Thermal Striped 1/4 Zip

Dunning’s golf apparel products are SO good I couldn’t resist putting another on this Father’s Day gift guide.  When it is a little too chilly to roll with just a golf polo, this Dunning 1/4 Zip Thermal will take the edge off the cold but not the golf swing.


Kentwool Graduate Compression Sock Review

Kentwool is hands down the best golf sock maker in our solar system and perhaps beyond. I haven’t received any sock samples from outside our solar system, so I can’t be 100% sure though.

Review: Dunning Solid Mesh Contrast Collar Signal Polo

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, May 20th, 2015
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf GearGolf LifestyleReviews

Dunning Golf makes fantastic apparel items, from underwear to pants, shirts, and outerwear.  The line is some of the best of the best in golf apparel.  I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to review Dunning’s offerings and let my readers know about this wonderful apparel company.

Today’s piece is the Dunning Solid Mesh Contrast Collar Signal Golf Polo.  Yes, it would be better with a longer name, but we can only go with what they give us.

Dunning Solid Mesh Contrast Collar Signal

Dunning Solid Mesh Contrast Collar Signal


This polo is a high high contrast green and gray.  It’s hard to describe the color of green but the best way I can describe it is vibrant or perhaps electric.  Despite how vibrant the green is, it is still very classy and not too over-the-top.  Not sure how they manage that but they do.

When wearing this polo with a pair of gray Dunning shorts, the color scheme is tremendous.  In fact, it made me want to redesign my website with the same color base?  What other golf blogger has an outfit that matches his/her website?!  Seriously.

dunning golf polo

This polo makes me look much better than I normally do…


The fabric in this polo is 100% polyester.  I’m a big fan of “polys” and not so much a fan of cotton anymore.  Polys are so much easier to care for, don’t wrinkle, don’t shrink.  They last forever and are very strong and durable.

Despite being a poly, the polo is as comfortable as any golf shirt I’ve worn.


The flexibility and fit of this great polo lend themselves to a free and unrestricted golf swing.  The mesh fabric helps keep the player cool and wicks moisture away.


Hard to write 2,000 words on a shirt review so I’m not going to try.  One final word comes to mind on this one and it rhymes with Dunning:


This Dunning polo would make a fantastic golf Father’s Day gift.

First Look: Tattoo Golf Flask

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, April 24th, 2015
Categories: GolfGolf AccessoriesGolf For WomenGolf Gear

In for review, the latest awesome item from Tattoo Golf. This could be the most important club in the bag.

Tattoo Golf Flask

A Flask For The Ages

This next golf accessory review is going to take some dedication and plenty of time in the testing phase. I can already guarantee this would be a great Father’s Day gift.

Father’s Day Golf Gifts and Gadgets

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, June 10th, 2014
Categories: GolfGolf LifeGolf LifestyleMiscellaneous

Here are a few golf equipment and accessory items which would make great Father’s Day golf gifts.  These are items HOG has reviewed in the past, and each description contains a link to the original for more details.

Snap Hookz

Snap-Hookz Golf Accessory

Snap-Hookz Golf Accessory

Snap Hookz is a golf accessory accessory. The unit snaps onto the golf bag’s umbrella buttons and provides ample hangars for other accessories like golf brushes, golf towels, GPS units, etc.

Tornado Tee

Tornado Tee

Tornado Tee – many color options availalble

Tornado Tee use a high technology mesh to reduce friction and increase accuracy and distance.  Use the coupon code HOG to receive free shipping and TWO extra tees on checkout!

Perfecto Cigar Holder

Perfecto Cigar Holder in Action!

Perfecto Cigar Holder in Action!

If dad (or mom) smokes cigars the Perfecto Cigar holder would make a great gift. The holder provides a place to put the robusto, catches ashes, and clamps onto all sorts of surfaces.

Golf Buddy GPS Watch

Golf Buddy WT3 Golf GPS Wristwatch

Golf Buddy WT3 Golf GPS Wristwatch

If you have some budget to work with for dad, pick him up  a Golf Buddy WT3 Golf GPS Wristwatch.  The watch has thousands of golf courses in its database, and provides yardages to front, center, back of the green.  It also gives yardages to hazards as well as tracking golf scores.

Golf Balls

3UP golf

3UP 3F12 Golf Balls – click to zoom.

Dad can always use golf balls.  Many great brands are out there.  I suggest golf balls from 3UP, The Ball, and Bridgestone Golf.

New Grips from Golf Pride

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap

Are dad’s grips ratty, old, falling apart, slippery?  Having good grips can help improve dad’s score.  Hook pops up with a set of new Golf Pride CP2 Wrap grips.

Personal Golf Launch Monitor

Swing Caddie SC100 Golf Launch Monitor

Swing Caddie SC100 Golf Launch Monitor

A portable launch monitor can be a great tool for improving dad’s golf game.  When making adjustments, trying out new clubs, or just working on the swing, a launch monitor gives feedback on ball speed, launch angle, club speed and much more.  The Swing Caddie is a new breed of “affordable” launch monitors.

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