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First Look: Tattoo Golf Flask

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, April 24th, 2015
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In for review, the latest awesome item from Tattoo Golf. This could be the most important club in the bag.

Tattoo Golf Flask

A Flask For The Ages

This next golf accessory review is going to take some dedication and plenty of time in the testing phase. I can already guarantee this would be a great Father’s Day gift.

Father’s Day Golf Gifts and Gadgets

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, June 10th, 2014
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Here are a few golf equipment and accessory items which would make great Father’s Day golf gifts.  These are items HOG has reviewed in the past, and each description contains a link to the original for more details.

Snap Hookz

Snap-Hookz Golf Accessory

Snap-Hookz Golf Accessory

Snap Hookz is a golf accessory accessory. The unit snaps onto the golf bag’s umbrella buttons and provides ample hangars for other accessories like golf brushes, golf towels, GPS units, etc.

Tornado Tee

Tornado Tee

Tornado Tee – many color options availalble

Tornado Tee use a high technology mesh to reduce friction and increase accuracy and distance.  Use the coupon code HOG to receive free shipping and TWO extra tees on checkout!

Perfecto Cigar Holder

Perfecto Cigar Holder in Action!

Perfecto Cigar Holder in Action!

If dad (or mom) smokes cigars the Perfecto Cigar holder would make a great gift. The holder provides a place to put the robusto, catches ashes, and clamps onto all sorts of surfaces.

Golf Buddy GPS Watch

Golf Buddy WT3 Golf GPS Wristwatch

Golf Buddy WT3 Golf GPS Wristwatch

If you have some budget to work with for dad, pick him up  a Golf Buddy WT3 Golf GPS Wristwatch.  The watch has thousands of golf courses in its database, and provides yardages to front, center, back of the green.  It also gives yardages to hazards as well as tracking golf scores.

Golf Balls

3UP golf

3UP 3F12 Golf Balls – click to zoom.

Dad can always use golf balls.  Many great brands are out there.  I suggest golf balls from 3UP, The Ball, and Bridgestone Golf.

New Grips from Golf Pride

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap

Are dad’s grips ratty, old, falling apart, slippery?  Having good grips can help improve dad’s score.  Hook pops up with a set of new Golf Pride CP2 Wrap grips.

Personal Golf Launch Monitor

Swing Caddie SC100 Golf Launch Monitor

Swing Caddie SC100 Golf Launch Monitor

A portable launch monitor can be a great tool for improving dad’s golf game.  When making adjustments, trying out new clubs, or just working on the swing, a launch monitor gives feedback on ball speed, launch angle, club speed and much more.  The Swing Caddie is a new breed of “affordable” launch monitors.

Father’s Day Gift Guide – Head to Toe Apparel Script

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, June 9th, 2014
Categories: GolfGolf ApparelGolf Gear

This U.S. Open is this week.  Cool.  That means golf PR companies will be flooding lazy golf bloggers with apparel scripts to post.  Well here’s a USEFUL apparel script.  If you are thinking of getting dad something for Father’s Day, check out this HEAD TO TOE Father’s Day apparel script:


Muze Clothing – Cinderella Story Hat

Muze Clothing makes fun hats which look like major golf brand logoed items, but upon further inspection have classic quotes from the movie Caddy Shack.

Under Armour Mahan Sunglasses

Under Armour Mahan Sunglasses

Under Armour makes killer threads, but did you know they may killer sunglasses? One of my favorite pairs is the Under Armour Mahan model sunglasses, as seen on the head of Hunter Mahan.


Bobby Jones XH20 Aero Polo

Bobby Jones XH20 Aero Polo

There are so many great apparel choices for golf polos. I have done many reviews over the last year. I’m really digging the new Bobby Jones golf polos (above).

Sunice Tornado Bollon Jacket

Sunice Tornado Bollon Jacket

Sunice makes some really great golf outerwear for those times when it is a little cold, windy, or wet.


Nexbelt golf belt

Nexbelt Men’s Golf Belt

Nexbelt makes really cool golf belts which have a ratchet tightening mechanism, and a hidden ball marker. Men’s and women’s available.


Dunning Merino Wool Boxer Brief Base Layer

Dunning Merino Wool Boxer Brief Base Layer

Dunning makes amazing merino wool sport underwear. Can undies shave strokes off your game? Why take the chance of not wearing these and never knowing?


Tattoo Golf shorts

Tattoo Golf just released a fantastic line of golf shorts. I wore these gray shorts (above) for the first time yesterday. Very sharp, and yes they do have skulls on them. Rock it.


kentwool tour golf socks

kentwool tour golf socks

Kentwool makes the best golf socks on the planet. I refuse to wear crappy cotton socks anymore after wearing Kentwools for so many years. Simply the best golf socks anywhere.

Golf Shoes

FootJoy DNA Golf Shoes

FootJoy DNA Golf Shoes

The new FootJoy DNA golf shoes are fantastic. Since I received my pair a few months ago they’ve been my gamer pair. Comfortable, very high performance, and classy looking.

Golf/Street Shoes

FootJoy City - Black/Mocha

FootJoy City – Black/Mocha

Hybrid golf shoes are a big these days. These are shoes which can be worn on or off the golf course. Once again, FootJoy is the ticket for dad. The FootJoy City shoe is a very comfortable golf shoe which could double as a dress shoe.

Father’s Day Golf Gift Ideas

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, June 6th, 2011
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Okay okay I’ll post this! I’ve gotten a lot of emails asking my “expert” opinion on Father’s Day golf gifts.  I’ve put together a small list of fun stuff you can get dad.  But if you are one of my offspring, don’t get them for me.  I already have them!

Bridgestone Golf Balls & Beer – About $10

Bridgestone Golf has a great Father’s Day combination box which includes Michelob Ultra beer and some Bridgestone Golf e6 golf balls.  In the link from the previous sentence, you can watch the video interview I conducted with my buddy Brandon from Bridgestone Golf, who explains what I affectionately call the “Free Beer” package.

Tattoo Golf Switchblade Divot Tool – $25

I can’t mention golf Father’s Day gifts without including one of my favorite companies, Tattoo Golf.  I really love using my Tattoo Golf switchblade divot tool.  The product is solid and works great, but of course the best part about it is the skull and golf club cross bones on the unit.

Kikkor Golf Tenny Clayburn Golf Tennies – $115

A very unique golf Father’s Day gift would be a pair of Kikkor Golf’s shoes.  My review of the Kikkor Golf Tenny Clayburns covers these cool treads. Kikkors are very comfortable, perform surprisingly well, and bridge the gap between Vans and golf shoes.

Book – 101 Winning Golf Tips – $12.95

If you want to help out dad with his golf game, gear may not be the answer.  Perhaps dad needs some tips on how to play the game.  Golfweek’s 101 Winning Golf Tips covers almost every type of golf shot a player may encounter on the course, and how to execute it.

Hexcaliber Golf Ball Compression Measurement Device – For the dad who you thought had every golf gadget there was – $150

Think your dad has every golf gadget ever made?  I’d be willing to bet he doesn’t have a Hexcaliber.  The Hexcaliber checks the roundness, size and compression of golf balls.  Now dad can see if the balls he fishes out of the lake on hole #7 are good or waterlogged.

Nike Machspeed Black Driver – $300

Money is no object for dad this year?  Then I’d look into picking pops up a new driver.  My Nike Machspeed Black Driver Review might influence your decision a bit.  With extremely light components, dad can swing this club faster and gain more yards.  With the completely adjustable club head, the club can be perfectly setup to match dad’s swing.

Frogger BrushPro – $19.95

I’m fairly sure I’ve included the Frogger Golf BrushPro in every Father’s Day gift guide I’ve posted.  The BrushPro is perhaps THE most used golf accessory I have.  I love this thing and it keeps my iron grooves nice and clean. I use the BrushPro before every iron shot.  It is part of my pre-shot routine!

Gentleman’s Vice – $26

I covered the Gentleman’s Vice last year before Father’s Day and this unit is still a very original pick for a gift for dad.  The Gentleman’s Vice is a combination cigar cutter and green repair tool with built in ball marker.  The unit is very solid and comes with a nice carrying case.

Bushnell neo+ Pocket Golf GPS – $145

I haven’t reviewed this unit yet, but I really like the Bushnell neo+ mini golf GPS.  No it isn’t a GPS for mini-golf, it is a miniature sized GPS for golf which fits easily in dad’s pocket or on his belt.

Loudmouth Golf Shorts

Summer is here and you want to stay cool and look cool.  I definitely look cool in my Loudmouth Golf Hot Dog (on a stick or with a stick) golf shorts.  They’re very comfortable and help keep me cool on the course, in more ways than one.

Fathers Day 2010 – A tribute to my Dad

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, June 20th, 2010
Categories: Life

Best Father’s Day wishes to my Dad, who has been all one could ask for in that department.


I’d like to thank my Dad for being a great role model.  My role model wasn’t ever Jack Nicklaus or Tiger Woods or some pro athlete. It was and continues to be my Dad.

Thanks for introducing me to skiing, Alta, the Utah Utes, Greek traditions, Southern Utah, Arches National Park, corny jokes, hard work, Dick’s Cafe, writing, being classy, being generous, doing things right, having bushy eyebrows, photography, ghost towns, corny jokes, providing me a good home when I grew up, showing me what being a great host is, being my catcher-coaching me in little league baseball.

I’d especially like to thank my Dad for these these things which have had a huge impact on my life:

Marrying my great Mother (her memory is eternal).

Recognizing that I had a passion for drums and paying for my music lessons for so many years.  That started me on an absolutely fantastic life path.  I had so many unique and amazing experiences as a professional musician and have made so many great friends as a result, including my lovely wife.  None of what I have right now would be here without that seed you planted.

Last but not least, thanks introducing me to GOLF.  Though there are times I wish you’d never put a putter in my hands I’m thankful for that first set of Browning Automatic blades.  I think there are times when my golf opponents wish I’d never put a putter in my hands either.  That is because you and I used to have putting contests in the den when I was a little kid.

And Dad, thanks for the 100’s of rounds of golf and the subsequent quality time we’ve spent together.  The last round we played was a true test of patience, capped off with you chipping in for eagle to WIN the tournament for us!

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