Great Idea for Golf League Participants

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, October 15th, 2014
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IMG_0255Now that I’m the “former” club president of seven years at one of my home courses I can sit back and critique the policies of the new regime.  I can play Wednesday morning quarterback (the league is a Tuesday league).

This post is not a critique.  It is quite the opposite.  The new club president wanted to give the club members a bonus gift for joining the association and paying the membership fees, on top of the season ending prime rib banquet.  His idea was brilliant.

Attached is a photo of my new personalized golf water bottle, courtesy of the men’s association.  It has my name on it, and the logo and name of the home golf course, River Oaks.  What a win-win for all involved.  The 150 or so club members get a great water bottle and the golf course gets 150 free walking golfer billboards.  Everywhere that golfer takes his River Oaks water bottle it will be seen.

Well played.

I have a brilliant idea.  I’m going to lobby the men’s association board to give each club member for 2015 an all expenses trip to Scotland for a week, including golf.  Not sure that will work, but why not try?

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