Golf Accessory Review: Golf Cart Poncho by Frogger Golf

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, June 4th, 2013
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Frogger_Golf_Cart_Poncho_fFedEx came to the door as I was just leaving for a golf tournament.  I snagged the box and started packing up my rain gear for the tournament.   It was a member guest at my home club and the forecast was for heavy rain.  Umbrella, rain gear, golf bag cover.. all check.  I had five minutes to kill before I left, so I decided I’d crack open the box and see what it was.  Glad I did.

Inside the mystery box was a golf accessory that couldn’t have been timed better for my day, the Frogger Golf Cart Poncho!  Unreal!  How did the golf gods know I’d need a golf cart cover?  Let’s take a closer look…

Golf Cart Poncho Overview

Golf Cart Poncho is not a typical cart cover.  This unit is extremely lightweight.  Unlike those extremely bulky and heavy canvas golf cart covers, the Poncho is light and small enough to fit into the apparel pocked of a medium or even smaller sized golf bag!  I know because I fit it in my small carry bag with the 9″ club divider.  That’s not a big bag.


Setting up this big canvas golf cart covers is a total pain.  It is a two-man job.  The canvas cart covers I’ve worked with in the past require that two bungee straps go under the cart.  Of course they don’t reach and you have to throw it to your partner under the cart and hope he catches it.  PITA.

Putting the Golf Cart Poncho on is far easier and doesn’t take two people like those bulky canvas golf cart covers.  The rubber band/hooks can mount on the frame of the cart or around the roof supports or just about anywhere you can imagine.

On The Course

During my tournament we were hammered with rain.  The poncho did a great job keeping us dry, despite the fact that it was a little small for the cart (see critiques and photo below).  The cover shielded us on the front and the sides.  There is no back so it doesn’t cover the back of the cart or the clubs.

Golf Cart Ponco in Action! Click to enlarge…

I used the Poncho a second time at another course a couple of weeks ago.  This course is much more windy.  There was rain and quite a bit of wind this time.  The Poncho kept us dry but more importantly broke the wind.

The Poncho in it’s packed up glory… click to enlarge

Tear Down

Tearing down the Poncho is easy.  Unhook the straps and stuff it into the bag.  I’d recommend doing what I did though.  It is likely that the Poncho is going to be wet.  I don’t want to store the soaking unit in my car so it can bake in the heat and get stinky or rotten.  So I opened it up when I got home and let it air-dry in the garage.  The following day I stuffed it back in the bag for next time.


My biggest critique with the Poncho is that it doesn’t fit the carts fully at both my home courses.  It is about six inches short on all sides.  Speaking with the director of golf at my club about this, he informed me that their Yamaha carts were “a little bigger” than average carts.  The assistant pro at the other course confirmed the same and once again, Yamaha carts.


At under $50 bucks, the Golf Cart Poncho is a no-brainer.   It is light, easy to install and keeps things dry which should be.  It is NOT a canvas cover and shouldn’t be considered a replacement for one.

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