$173 Score Band Pulse Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Monday, March 30th, 2015
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I’ve been gaming the new Score Band Pulse golf laser rangefinder for about 10 golf rounds now.  You can surely enjoy the rest of my review below, but I’ll start with saying the Pulse is by far the best value in golf laser rangefinders by a long shot (pun intended).

ScoreBand Laser Rangefinder - click to buy

ScoreBand Laser Rangefinder – click to buy

What I need from a golf laser rangefinder is pretty simple: quick and dependable yardages to the pin, and whatever else I shoot with it. The Score Band laser nails the pin quickly and gives me ONE solid number I can count on. The reason I highlighted the word “one” in the previous sentence is that I’ve had other lasers which seem to play a random number game. I can shoot the pin four times and get four different numbers. Not the case with the Score Band laser. One number.

I love to use the unit to shoot no only the pin, but other very important target areas, or areas I need to avoid. I’ll shoot the top lip of a bunker I need to be sure to carry. I’ll shoot the front edge of a false-front on a green. If I see a player in front of me on a par-4 or 5 who looks to be in a perfect position in the fairway, I’ll shoot him or his cart with the laser so I can know exactly how far and what club to hit off the tee for that position.

Golf GPS’s are great, but I could not survive a round of golf without a laser.


The Pulse can shoot objects up to 400 yards away, for you big hitters who are debating between clubs on a shot that’s 387 yards.  The flag-lock feature is good for up to 250 yards.

Accuracy for this golf laser is plus or minus one yard.

The viewfinder is 6x magnification.  I’ll often look through the viewfinder to see where my ball sits on a long approach shot.

Measurements are taken in yards or meters.

Unit comes with a carrying case.  The case is a bit on the weak side, but I just put the unit in a pocket in my golf bag.


At $173 on Amazon, I’ve not seen a better value in golf laser rangefinders.  Not even within $100 of that price.  My previous laser was $299 and not as accurate.

The Score Band Pulse laser is a no-brainer.  If you’re shopping for a golf laser, check out the Pulse.

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