Shorty Socks

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, September 9th, 2009
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You won’t believe what I got from  Take a guess.  Okay I’ll tell you.  Black socks!  Can you believe there’s a web site dedicated to black socks?  Actually they have other items too like underwear and shirts.  If the underwear is black would they be called “tighty blackies?”

Since Gary Player and I have the same wardrobe consultant

Half of my golf apparel is black.  That way it matches the other half.  My black socks go right along with my black shoes, black shirts and black shorts.  I wonder if Mr. Player’s socks are made in Morocco like mine though.’s Shorty Socks

The “Shorty” model of black socks is super comfortable.  They’re made from 87% cotton fibers and  are enriched with 1% Elasthan and 12% Polyamid.  I actually have no idea what Elasthan and Polyamid are, but the socks are stretchy, smoooooth and very comfortable.  They also breathe quite well.

Your Porsche and your socks have a spoiler

Ever have your socks slip into your shoe in the back?  This is extremely irritating.  The Shorty sock has a thicker area above the heel called a spoiler.  The spoiler insures that the sock won’t slip down into the shoe.

The only disadvantage to the spoiler, other than increased aerodynamics, is getting debris inside the back of the sock.  If you’re like me and have to hunt through the desert and dry brush for errant shots some debris will end up in there.  That problem is easily resolved though.  Hit better golf shots.

I’d be curious to see if’s underwear has a spoiler and how that is implemented…

FRB Sportswear has some fun and comfortable golf shirts

Written by: Tony Korologos | Thursday, August 27th, 2009
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I’ve been sporting some new threads the last little while from FRB Sportswear.  The unique thing about these shirts is the fun graphics and text imprinted or embroidered on them.

Yesterday I wore my Sandbagger golf shirt, which is a super light weight and very comfortable polyester.  This shirt is perfect for the weather conditions here right now.  It was about 94 yesterday and dry.  The poly didn’t stick to my skin or make me any hotter than I already was.  In fact I feel like it actually kept me cooler.

Funny thing about the Sandbagger shirt.  Whenever I wear it, the conversation of sandbaggers and what jerks they are always comes up.  Awareness baby.

My 13 year old son, who is damn near as tall as me now, has the FRB golf shirt “Bunker Mentality.” He loves how comfortable that one is and it is about his favorite shirt to wear golfing now.


FRB shirts have some funny statements, themes, sayings…  There are so many FRB shirts/themes that it would be tough to cover them all so you’ll have to check out their web site.  But here are a few of the cool golf themed ones:

Bunker Mentality
The Sandbagger
Dick Out
Multi Bogey Attack

Other categories and products.

FRB doesn’t just have golf polos either.  They have a wide array of T-shirts, shorts, hats, holiday wear and more.

Categories you can shop from include bar room attire, extreme gear, Hawaiian, traditional, Holiday and special.

I’m sure there’s a message or theme in there somewhere for just about any occasion.  For a few more images of FRB apparel, click here.

First SUMI-G products coming off the assembly line!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, May 26th, 2009
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Back at the PGA Show I interviewed a cat named Marius.   That video is at the bottom of this post for those who haven’t seen it yet.  I’d met him the year before when he was part of a top secret design project I got to see by another company who I won’t mention.  That deal never happened and Marius decided to start his own company, rather than have another company putting their name on his designs.

Marius’ company is called SUMI-G and his designs are the hippest, coolest, classiest and most innovative golf products I’ve seen in a long time.  And trust me, I see more golf products than just about anyone on this planet.  Their stuff isn’t cheap. It isn’t cheaply built or made out of cheap materials either.  You get what you pay for.

Even more, Marius and I live in the same town and have become regular golf buddies.  He must think I’m the worst damn 2 handicap he’s ever seen, since we started playing when my game went entirely down the drain and I haven’t even broken 80 with him yet.

First offering which is NOW available from SUMI-G are his very hip golf hats.  As you can see in these two hats below, they’re very simple, yet very stylish as well.  I’ve got one of each and they’re great.

These hats are NOW available at The Golf Space SHOP as well as the SUMI-G web site. Around the 1st of June most of the remaining SUMI-G product line will be available as well. Stay tuned for the “exoskeleton” head covers which will blow your mind. Coolest head covers ever.

Here’s my interview with Marius from SUMI-G below.

Calvin Klein golf apparel coming soon

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, March 20th, 2009
Categories: Golf Apparel

Calvin Klein will soon be entering the golf market.  Great.  Now our apparel will go from expensive to insanely expensive…

Ratchet Belt Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, March 13th, 2009
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Over the course of a year a few things in my golf world change. My handicap goes up in the spring and proceeds downward until the winter snow shuts the game down for the year. One thing which seems to follow a similar seasonal change is my waistline. I seem to have about a two inch variance throughout the year. Fortunately I’m staying in an “acceptable” range.

That two inch variance is between a 36 and 38. Yes Camilo Villegas’ waist is a tiny bit smaller than mine… My current lineup of golf belts have two holes in them which are worn at the 38 and 36 marks. Often a 38 is too loose and a 36 too tight. If it is tight, it is uncomfortable and if it is loose, well, I look like a gangsta with the low riders. 37 would be the ticket. Enter Ratchet Belt.

ratchet belt

What is Ratchet Belt?

Ratchet Belt is a whole different concept in belts designed by a retired Navy serviceman. First, there are NO holes in the belt. There’s no pin in the belt buckle. This makes the belt look much nicer. No worn holes or waistline historical info.

If the belt has no holes for the belt buckle, how does it tighten and/or fasten?

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