Shorty Socks

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, September 9th, 2009
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You won’t believe what I got from  Take a guess.  Okay I’ll tell you.  Black socks!  Can you believe there’s a web site dedicated to black socks?  Actually they have other items too like underwear and shirts.  If the underwear is black would they be called “tighty blackies?”

Since Gary Player and I have the same wardrobe consultant

Half of my golf apparel is black.  That way it matches the other half.  My black socks go right along with my black shoes, black shirts and black shorts.  I wonder if Mr. Player’s socks are made in Morocco like mine though.’s Shorty Socks

The “Shorty” model of black socks is super comfortable.  They’re made from 87% cotton fibers and  are enriched with 1% Elasthan and 12% Polyamid.  I actually have no idea what Elasthan and Polyamid are, but the socks are stretchy, smoooooth and very comfortable.  They also breathe quite well.

Your Porsche and your socks have a spoiler

Ever have your socks slip into your shoe in the back?  This is extremely irritating.  The Shorty sock has a thicker area above the heel called a spoiler.  The spoiler insures that the sock won’t slip down into the shoe.

The only disadvantage to the spoiler, other than increased aerodynamics, is getting debris inside the back of the sock.  If you’re like me and have to hunt through the desert and dry brush for errant shots some debris will end up in there.  That problem is easily resolved though.  Hit better golf shots.

I’d be curious to see if’s underwear has a spoiler and how that is implemented…

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