Ratchet Belt Review

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, March 13th, 2009
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Over the course of a year a few things in my golf world change. My handicap goes up in the spring and proceeds downward until the winter snow shuts the game down for the year. One thing which seems to follow a similar seasonal change is my waistline. I seem to have about a two inch variance throughout the year. Fortunately I’m staying in an “acceptable” range.

That two inch variance is between a 36 and 38. Yes Camilo Villegas’ waist is a tiny bit smaller than mine… My current lineup of golf belts have two holes in them which are worn at the 38 and 36 marks. Often a 38 is too loose and a 36 too tight. If it is tight, it is uncomfortable and if it is loose, well, I look like a gangsta with the low riders. 37 would be the ticket. Enter Ratchet Belt.

ratchet belt

What is Ratchet Belt?

Ratchet Belt is a whole different concept in belts designed by a retired Navy serviceman. First, there are NO holes in the belt. There’s no pin in the belt buckle. This makes the belt look much nicer. No worn holes or waistline historical info.

If the belt has no holes for the belt buckle, how does it tighten and/or fasten?

ratchet beltOn the underside and opposite end of the belt than the buckle, is a set of grooves or teeth (image right). These remind me of the way those plastic cable ties work. A spring loaded lever catches on the grooves as you slide the belt in. You can tighten the belt in very precise increments with these teeth, unlike standard belts which have holes spaced out much farther apart. To release or loosen the belt you push a small button under the buckle. I’m about to push that button in the photo to the right.

Cool belt buckle styles

Ratchet Belt’s buckles are super cool too. They have many style lines including casual, military and custom logo.

ratchet beltSizes

Since you cut the belt down to your own size there are only two starter sizes available: 41 (pant sizes 30-39) and 48 (pant sizes 40-46).


Most Ratchet Belts with buckle run about $30, and some around $40. Belts and buckles are available individually as well for around $16-$25 and $15 respectively.


I’m a big fan of Ratchet Belts now. When I have my belt too tight it stresses my bad back and that can cause me a lot of grief and pain on the course. I’m able to tighten my belt just right, keeping my pants up but not putting too much pressure on my back.

Ratchet Belts are very sharp as well. The buckles are very nice looking and the belt has no worn and/or shabby holes.

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