SUMI-G confirmed 2010 Fantasy Golf Sponsor

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, January 20th, 2010
Categories: Fantasy GolfSite News

I’m pleased to announce another company has been added to the sponsor list of HOG Space Fantasy Golf 2010! It helps to have connections or better yet, be the connection.

SUMI-G makes high end golf belts, head covers and a bunch of other great golf accessories. SUMI-G will be awarding weekly prizes and some larger packages of prizes for segment winners and/or finalists. Details yet to be completely arranged.

Join now! The official season starts soon!

HOG Space Fantasy Golf is presented by The Golf Space and Hooked On Golf Blog. The official season starts soon. For more details and to join free, click here. To talk about fantasy golf, visit the fantasy golf discussion forum.

Current list of confirmed fantasy sponsors

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Sumi-G Stymie Belts

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, November 25th, 2009
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf ApparelReviews

Today I’m reviewing the SUMI-G Stymie Golf Belt.  Part of the “Tee Collection,” this is one of two different styles of belts offered by my very good friends at SUMI-G.

Buckle And Magnetic Ball Marker

I like shiny stuff.  The two piece hinged buckle is shiny.  The unique double prongs are also shiny.  The removable magnetic ball marker is shiny and very cool looking.  With a SUMI-G belt around my ever changing waist, I never find myself without a ball marker on the first green because I forgot to throw one in my pocket.

High End Leather

The belt has an Italian leather outer shell with a colorfast suede leather inner in red.  Very good looking.  The leather is soft and smooth too.  Sometimes I just sit at home in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine, stroking the soft, supple leather of my SUMI-G belts.  Enough of my personal life for now.


The belt is wider than standard old style belts at 1 5/8″ wide.  This is par with all the hip new wider format belts these days.  And like I mentioned in my SUMI-G Dormy belt review, if this belt is too wide for your belt loops it is time to upgrade your pants.

It is a belt

I got a strange call the other day.  Some lady found my phone number and called me about SUMI-G belts because, well, I’m an expert on the subject.  Here’s the conversation:

Me: “Hello?”

Lady: “Yes I’m calling about the SUMI-G belts.”

Me: “What do you want to know?”

Lady: “What are they?  What do they do?”

Me: “They’re belts.  They hold your pants up.”

Sizes And Colors

The Stymie series comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.

The Stymie is available in white, black and brown as pictured in the first photo above.  My personal Stymie is black and boy does it look good with the shiny components, black leather, red liner and red stitching accents.


If you want to look stylish, hip, cool, neat, nifty, classic, chic, slick, elegant… the SUMI-G Stymie belt is the ticket.

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SUMI-G awarded patent

Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, October 28th, 2009
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf Gear

SUMI-G and my golf pal Marius (President) have received their first patent on their very innovative head covers. They didn’t specify in their press release if the patent was regarding the “mechanical enclosure” or the “rigid exoskeleton.” Either way congratulations are in order.

I use my SUMI-G head covers every round. I save myself a minimum of 14 times bending over per round, which certainly can’t hurt my bad back. The way I take them off and throw them on the ground before I hit my driver or fairways/hybrids has practically become a part of my pre-shot routine.

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SUMI-G Divot Tool

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SUMI-G Divot Tool

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, July 3rd, 2009
Categories: Golf AccessoriesGolf EquipmentGolf GearReviews

The SUMI-G divot tool is not for every golfer. For golfer’s on a budget, a cheap plastic divot tool will do. After all, we just want to make more putts and have better greens. But for the discerning golfer, the $24 SUMI-G divot tool is as elegant as it is functional. In fact, it is a dead heat.  As a bonus, you can store it in the accessory box of your Porsche.


You’ve heard of forged golf clubs? They have the best feel and performance. How about having a forged stainless steel divot tool? There’s nothing like the feel of forged on the course, when you fix that ball mark right on the sweet spot. Ahem.

Built in ball marker

If you own certain other SUMI-G products like say, the mega cool Dormy or Stymie belts like I do, you can use the interchangeable ball marker. The divot tool’s included ball marker secures to a magnet on the head, as well as magnets in the super-hip SUMI-G belt buckles. And once again, the use of said ball markers or SUMI-G gear is called “SumiGizing.”

On the course

The forks on the SUMI-G divot tool are bent inward and downward to provide the perfect angles for fixing ball marks. My pal Marius, the brains behind SUMI-G, rubbed together the massive gray matter inside his cranium and figured this out somehow. That’s why he’s a pioneering golf inventor and I’m not.

The tool is light in my pocket. It doesn’t weigh down my now “falling down” pants, since I’ve dropped a few LB’s this season. My pants would completely fall down if not for my SUMI-G belts as a matter of fact.


Mark this down. This is the first “critique” I have regarding a SUMI-G product. As awesome as Marius’ products are, it may be the last as well.

On very hard greens the tool is tough to use. There isn’t quite enough length to get good leverage. The corners on the top of the tool can painfully poke the palm of my hand.

Keep in mind this is really a stretch. I’ve encountered conditions like this in one round out of close to 40.


Man this tool is sexy and shiny too!  I love shiny toys.

This is a unique piece which will last longer than you will, with its stainless steel forged design.  The magnetic ball marker is very convenient and interchanges with SUMI-G belts.  The greens and your fellow golfers will be thankful you ponied up the bucks for a great divot tool.

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SUMI-G Dormy belt review.

SUMI-G Dormy Belt

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, June 14th, 2009
Categories: Golf ApparelGolf GearGolf LifeGolf LifestyleReviews

This is yet another of what are sure to be glowing reviews of a product by my new golf buddy Marius, the gray matter behind the new hip golf company called SUMI-G. Marius and I met at this year’s PGA Show and have become golf pals, with weekly grudge matches to determine who reigns supreme, at least for one week. For the first time in our playing history, we both played decent last week.  To this date all our battles have been pig fights.  Somehow this week the bugger Marius beat me out of $1.00 despite the fact that I beat him by one stroke.

SUMI-G Dormy Belt

Part of the SUMI-G “Tee Collection,” the Dormy belt is a very hip and stylish belt for golf or just everyday life, unless looking cool isn’t on your list.

The Dormy belt sports that new wider footprint we’re seeing in golf belts these days worn by many of the “in” golf crowd. The width is 1 5/8″ wide.  Note: if you are wearing some old school style golf pants or golf shorts from years ago, this belt may be too wide to fit through the loops. If you pick up one of these belts and it is too wide to fit through the belt loops, that’s a tell tale sign that the “hipness level” of your belt is beyond that of your pants. You’ll need upgrade your pants to match the quality and style of the belt!

The buckle is super stylish and shiny and features a unique double prong to latch it into the belt. Within the buckle is a magnetic SUMI-G ball marker. Using this marker during play is easy and is referred to “Sumigizing.” If you misplace the marker, the belt comes with two backups.

The leather of the belt is very soft. When I have strangers comment on the looks of the belt, I have them feel how soft the leather is. That looks a bit strange to passers by I must admit, but I feel a duty to spread the word on how nice and supple the belt is. It isn’t like a “biker” belt with the cheap hard Tijuana leather. This is Italian leather baby.


The Dormy Belt is yet another mega-stylish, elegant and useful product from my new favorite company SUMI-G.

Just a few minutes ago while sitting here in the San Diego airport withing for a flight, I had someone tell me how cool my belt was (I’m wearing the white one right now). This happens daily.

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