HOG Holiday Golf Gift Guide – Part Three – Odds and ends plus the ULTIMATE golf gift

Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, December 9th, 2011
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I can’t resist doing one more post in the very popular Hooked On Golf Blog Holiday Golf Gift Guide Series.  Part one of the holiday golf gift guide covered golf accessories, golf apparel and golf training aids.  Part two covered golf clubs and golf balls.  I have a few more random golf gift ideas to suggest not in those categories so here we go.

Golf Buddy GPS

Golf Buddy GPS - click to read review

Golf GPS and/or Laser

Golfers would love to find a golf GPS or laser rangefinder in their Christmas stocking.  My GPS suggestion would be the Golf Buddy Platinum World GPS, which has every feature imaginable.

GPS’s are cool, but I’m more of a “laser” guy.  For years I used the Bushnell Tour V2 with “pinseeker” technology.  I’ve recently switched to a Callaway laser rangefinder by Nikon, but have yet to post a review on that one.

Prazza Golf Ball Locator

Prazza Golf Ball Locator - click for more

Golf Ball Location System

If a golf GPS or laser isn’t high tech enough, a cool golf gift idea is the Prazza micro-chipped electronic golf ball location system.  This is a system in which golf balls have battery powered transmitters which communicate with a locator unit.  The locator guides you to what would have been your lost ball.  How great is giving the gift of never losing a golf ball again?

Round of golf at a killer course

Here’s a great gift idea for a golfer.  Buy that golfer a round of golf at an awesome course!  If you aren’t sure what courses to pick from, check out the Hooked On Golf Blog course reviews.  My top two public course selections would be Black Mesa in New Mexico and Sand Hollow in southern Utah.  If you really want to blow them away, buy them a round of golf at the TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course in Florida.

Lessons with a PGA Pro

Golf is hard.  Gear is great, but all the best gear in the world won’t help somebody who needs swing help.  A fantastic golf gift idea is to give a lesson or set of lessons from a PGA pro at your local course.

TaylorMade Performance LabSwing Analysis

Along with a lesson, or just by itself, you could give a swing analysis as a golf gift.  See if you have a golf lab in town which does such a thing.  Locally I found the TaylorMade Performance Lab to be fantastic, though the end goal is ultimately to sell you their gear.

St. Andrews, Scotland

The ULTIMATE golf gift - A trip to St. Andrews

The ULTIMATE Golf Gift

For my final golf gift suggestion I’m throwing out the budget.  Assuming you have somewhere between $3,000-$10,000 as a budget, I’m suggesting that the best gift you could EVER give a golfer is a golf trip to St. Andrews, Scotland.  The memories your lucky gift recipient will have will last a lifetime.  I’d suggest at least five days and if you can manage, make it 10.

Anyone who feels so inclined to give me the ULTIMATE golf gift will be forever on my Christmas card list…

4 responses to “HOG Holiday Golf Gift Guide – Part Three – Odds and ends plus the ULTIMATE golf gift”

  1. JoshE says:

    An “almost ultimate” gift would be weekend Ryder Cup tickets.

  2. For sure JoshE. Ryder Cup tix, Masters Tix, PGA Tour tix…

  3. Kyle says:

    Tony, do you think that the OptiShot is a worthy gift? I’ve read your review, but is this really something a serious golfer would enjoy?

  4. madeleine parizeau says:

    Those are all great gifts. Perfect for any golf guru.





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