Golfer’s Christmas List

Written by: Tony Korologos | Sunday, December 6th, 2009
Categories: Golf Gear
I’ve gotten a bunch of emails from golf widows asking me what I suggest they buy their golfer husbands for Christmas. So here is a short list of cool items, ranging from $5.99 to $85. The last item on the list is for those husbands to buy their golf widows…

Frogger Brush Pro – Under $20

Perhaps the best and most useful golf gadget or accessory I can think of, and not too high of a price, is the Frogger Brush Pro. I’ve been using Brush Pro’s since I first reviewed them back on May 17, 2007. I use my Brush Pro to clean my grooves before every shot and make sure I put the right spin on the ball.

Frogger Amphibian Ball Towel – $11.95

The 2nd best accessory I can think of (and Frogger has no idea I’m posting these and isn’t paying me to post these by the way) is the Frogger Amphibian Ball Towel. This towel has an inner (wet) side and outer (dry side) and fits easily in a pant pocket. When you mark your ball on the green and realize you have a mud ball, the pocket towel is handy and does a great job cleaning that ball up so you can sink winning putts.

Sumi-g Golf Belts – $85

Sumi-g is a new company I’ve gotten to be great friends with. Their belts are the COOLEST out there. I’ve already reviewed the Stymie and Dormy belts.

Available here.

SUMI-G Head Covers – $28-$38

SUMI-G head covers are very cool. They employ a rigid exoskeleton, mechanical enclosure, and can be installed and removed with one hand and without bending over to pick them up.

Available here.

Fooking Long Golf Balls – $24.99

Fooking Long Golf Balls

Fooking Long Golf balls are just that, FOOKING LONG. They’re also illegal.

Available here.

Bridgestone B330-RX Golf Balls – About $45

Fooking Long Golf Balls

My vote for the best new golf ball of 2009 is hands down the Bridgestone B330-RX. This ball is long (legally long), high performance and durable. This ball is very long for slower swing speeds of amateurs.

Available at any golf shop.

Golf Dotz – $5.99

Fooking Long Golf Balls

A very inexpensive and FUN item is GolfDotz. They’re transfers which bond to the ball and have many cool shapes and designs, like my favorite, the skull and bones.

Available here.

MySack Accessory Bag – $11.99

Fooking Long Golf Balls

A very funny golf gift, MySack is a golf accessory bag with a “unique” shape. It may look funny, but MySack is actually quite useful and functional!

Available here.

Annika Perfume – $59-79

Fooking Long Golf Balls

Annika perfume smells good.

Available here.

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