Foo King Long golf balls are… FOO KING LONG!

Written by: Tony Korologos | Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
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So I got this box of very funny golf balls called Foo King Long. Yeah I get it. Just like the album I recorded by this guy entitled “Sofa King Lucky.”

Too Foo King Long

These balls are too long. In fact they’re Too Foo King Long according to USGA regulations. They’re not legal for tournaments or stipulated rounds. OK fine. Before you get bent out of shape for my writing about illegal golf balls just hear me out. This is a FUN product, intended to lighten a sometimes stuffy game. That they do! If you finally want to out drive the bomber in your regular group and surprise the hell out of him, just tee up a Foo King.

Not so scientific study

I busted out the Foo Kings with my dad and my uncle a while ago at the stuffy country club. My uncle proceeded to put three sleeves of them in his bag and didn’t even hit one. He intended to send them to his son in NYC who was a big golfer. We were being pushed by the group behind us so we didn’t get to hit any and my uncle stole was given three sleeves. That left me with one sleeve.

So last week I bust out my three Foo King balls I had left on #17 with my pal Dan. After we hit our normal tee shots we were going to compare them with the Foo Kings. On 17 I hit driver well with my original shot, a new Titleist ProV1. It leaked right and hit the cart path. It bounced about five times and ended up back in the fairway. Dan hit 3-wood very well and down the middle. He hit a Bridgestone B330.

I hit the first Foo King perfectly, right down the middle. Dan teed up his Foo King and yanked it into the trees left of the fairway. He lost the Foo King ball! I gave him my last one and told him he’d better get this shot in the fairway or I’d be pretty Foo King mad at him for losing the remaining one. Dan couldn’t take the pressure and yanked the other one into the trees left. No more Foo King balls left.

When I got to my two shots they were practically side by side. The Foo King went as far as a ProV1 which hit a cart path several times. So I’d say the Foo King was good for about 15-20 more yards.


I played a few more holes with the Foo King.  It isn’t exactly a ball you can back off a green with mega-spin like Phil Mickelson.  But it is surprisingly better golf ball than I thought it would be.  If you’re playing for FUN and want to see what it is like to put an extra 10-20 yards into your long game, try the Foo King Long golf balls out.

These would also make great tee prizes for corporate or charity golf events.

“Bandana and Ninja not included.”


Foo King Long web site

Buy Foo King Long golf balls here

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