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Written by: Tony Korologos | Friday, August 22nd, 2008
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Frogger Golf Ball TowelI’ve been pals with Frogger Golf for several years now. When Frogger releases a product you can be sure there will be nothing better on the market. Back in May of 2007 I reviewed the hands-down best golf brush on our planet and many others, the Brush Pro. My original Brush Pro is still in action after performing thousands club cleanings. Frogger provided Brush Pros for this year’s HOG Space fantasy golf league too.

Next awesome Frogger product:
Frogger Amphibian Golf Ball Towel

I’ve carried several different portable ball cleaning products. I’m not big on carrying a full sized golf towel to the green. I like the convenience of having a pocket towel.

I was thrilled to find that Frogger started making a pocket towel and I knew I wasn’t going to be disappointed. The Amphibian Ball Towel IS the best one I’ve used.


The Amphibian ball towel is essentially two towels in one, one wet and one dry.

The inside is a bamboo terry towel for cleaning the balls. The bamboo soaks up much more water than standard cotton and stays quite wet for about nine holes.

The outside of the towel is cotton and can be used to dry the ball or your clubs, hands or face.

The inside stays wet but doesn’t soak through. This combined with the perfect size and shape allows you to carry the towel in your pocket without getting wet.

The ball towel also can attach to your golf bag or your belt loop for convenient access outside your pockets.

On the course

It has been a pleasure playing the last 15 rounds or so in my “test period” of my Amphibian golf ball towel. The Amphibian is very compact and doesn’t feel too thick in my pocket. The inside stays wet for about half a round and I usually need to wet it around the 10th hole. I’m able to get my balls nice and clean so I can drain that “dagger in the heart” putt against my betting buddies.

When I’m done with a round, I use the loop to attach the towel to my bag where it can dry and be ready for my next round.

Frogger Golf Ball Towel


Frogger does it again. The Amphibian is a wonderful combination of the best design and best materials. Nothing is better than clean balls and my Amphibian is perfect for the job. The Amphibian is a must-have golf accessory.

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