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Written by: Tony Korologos | Saturday, November 26th, 2005
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Nickent Pipe Putter: Gimmick or not?


I’ll admit when I first saw the Pipe putter I couldn’t help laughing. “Someone took a mallet putter and put a piece of PVC down the middle of it?” I thought. When I brought it to my regular weekend golf group they laughed too…untill I drained putts like a madman and took all their money.


The concept of the Pipe putter is similar to that of the “two ball” style and Ping Craz-E putters. The design is meant to train your eyes on the correct line. Nickent claims the Pipe is the #1 alignment putter in golf.

Is it really a piece of PVC?

No it’ s not just a piece of PVC pipe. It is a specially designed “ultra-light thermoplastic centerpiece.” At 1.68 inches, the centerpiece is the same width as a golf ball and provides a strong visual of the target line. The centerpiece is surrounded by heavier steel which pushes the weight out to the perimeter of the club head.

At the back of the centerpiece is a heavy tungsten plug. The tungsten plug accounts for 15% of the putter’s weight, located low and deep behind the club face. The perimeter weighting combined with the rear tungsten plug produces a very high moment of inertia (MOI). MOI is basically a way of measuring the club’s resistance to twisting. The higher the MOI, the more likely the club is to travel on the correct line.
The “P-Line face insert” is a specially designed polymer composite. This composite provides for a solid and stable impact with soft feel.

Looks and feel

Though you may not want to take this club seriously when you look at it for the first time, the look when you’re over the ball is excellent. The white centerpiece subconsciously helps you see the line, back and through the ball. The club is perfectly balanced. The head and club face stay perfectly on line (MOI) during the stroke.

The Pipe is equipped with a custom WINN grip which feels awesome. The grip gives just enough for it to feel like it melts into your hands, yet the pores in the grip prevent slippage even on the longest of putts.


PipeHeadCoverThe head cover

I always try to do a paragraph or two on the head cover in my reviews (if the club has one). Many reviews fail to even mention the cover. But if a club has a bad cover that falls off or doesn’t fit the club properly, it can slowly irritate and frustrate you on the course and potentially cost you strokes.

No problems with The Pipe’s head cover. It perfectly fits the club and can be applied or removed with ease. The cover does utilize Velcro which isn’t one of my favorites for head covers. Velcro wears out and becomes less effective and shabby looking over time. I prefer magnets. Minor detail.

On the course

I love putting with The Pipe. I found the putter to be well suited for virtually any putting conditions from slow to fast greens. I found that The Pipe excelled beyond most other putters I’ve used on slower greens. Due to the P-Line face insert and the low center of gravity, The Pipe gets the ball rolling better and “on top” of the green.

On extremely quick greens which require a very smooth and/or slow stroke, the putter smoothly travels perfectly down the target line. Those scary three foot speed demons are much less difficult with the Pipe than other putters.


The Pipe comes in 32″, 33″, 34″, 35″, 36″ lengths with a True Temper Double Bend steel shaft, custom WINN grip.


First reaction aside, this is one heck of a putter. The performance is excellent in all putting conditions. The centerpiece helps keep you aligned and on line during your stoke. All of the components are well designed and put together.

I highly recommend The Pipe. If you miss any putts with this putter it’s certainly your fault and not the putter’s.

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