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Written by: Tony Korologos | Wednesday, December 14th, 2005
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Nickent Hybrids
This review is going to have a ton of pictures. Why?
Because the Nickent 3DX Ironwoods are pure beauty.

Nickent’s hybrids finished the 2005 season as the #3 hybrid in use on the PGA Tour. So they’re not #1. Fine. But Nickent does not pay any PGA players to play their gear. This means that the players using Nickent gear are using it because they want to, not because they’re obligated to.

The technology

The reason Nickent names some of their gear with a “3DX” is they use what they call “3-D Extreme Weighting.” Interior and exterior weighting is positioned in the low back of the club head and towards the heel and toe. This translates to a heavily perimeter weighted club and makes it easier to hit. The weighting makes the whole club face the sweet spot, not just a pinpoint in the center.

Each 3DX Ironwood is fine-tuned via the weighting for optimum launch angle and trajectory.

Nickent Hybrid Head

Available configurations


#1 IWD Yes 14° 59° N/A
#2+ IWD No 15.5° 59° N/A
#2 IWD Yes 17° 59° N/A
#3+ IWD No 18.5° 59°.5 N/A
#3 IWD Yes 20° 59.5° N/A
#4+ IWD No 21.5° 60° N/A
#4 IWD Yes 23° 60° N/A
#5+ IWD No 24.5° 60.5° N/A
#5 IWD Yes 26° 60.5° N/A
#6+ IWD No 27.5° 61° N/A
#6 IWD Yes 29° 61° N/A

Shaft specifications/options

#1 IWD D2 MENS: 41.25″
LADIES: 39.25″
X-105, S-95, R-85, R-75, L-65 D2 40.75″ S, R, UNIFLEX .370″
#2+ IWD
#2 IWD
D2 MENS: 40.75″

LADIES: 39.75″X-105, S-95, R-85, R-75, L-65D240.25″S, R, UNIFLEX.370″#3+ IWD
#3 IWDD2MENS: 40 ”
LADIES: 39″X-105, S-95, R-85, R-75, L-65D239.5″S, R, UNIFLEX.370″#4+ IWD
#4 IWDD2MENS: 39.25″
LADIES: 38.25″X-105, S-95, R-85, R-75, L-65D238.75″S, R, UNIFLEX.370″#5+ IWD

#5 IWDD2MENS: 38.5″
LADIES: 37.5″X-105, S-95, R-85, R-75, L-65D238″S, R, UNIFLEX.370″#6+ IWD
#6 IWDD2MENS: 37.75″
LADIES: 36.75″X-105, S-95, R-85, R-75, L-65D237.25″S, R, UNIFLEX.370″


Looks and feel

Like I said under the first image in the review, these clubs are beauties. When I first got them out of the box I simply said “oooohhhh.” The aesthetic appearance of the clubs alone could sell you on them. The black finish is very smooth and nice. But is it really black? When I got them in different shades of light, they seemed to change colors. At times I sensed some very deep red in the finish.

Nickent Hybrid Topline

Standing over the club the topline view inspires confidence that you’re going to hit a good shot. The club looks easy to hit and it is.

On the course

I first tested these babies out during a very lengthy session on the range. I put myself down at the end of the range where there’s a practice fairway which I hit shots into. I know the lengths to various flags and humps there so I knew this would be a good testing spot.

The models I tested were the 17, 20 and 23 degree lofts with the green Aldila NV graphite shafts.

Nickent Hybrids 2

I was a bit conscious of what looked to be a closed face on these clubs. I thought I’d start pulling shots to the left but I didn’t. I first started out with the 23 degree. I hit many nice, high shots. The trajectory looked to me like a 6 iron but the distance flew more like a 4 or 3-iron. The 23 was fairly easy to hit. I’d say it was as easy to hit as a regular 6-iron.

I went to the 20 degree and obviously increased some distance. The 20 flew more like a 5-iron but the distance was more like a 2-iron. I compared this one to another hybrid I have which is a 19 degree. I hit the Nickent 20 farther than the other hybrid’s 19, probably due to the fact that I noticed the Nicket’s shaft was about and inch longer. Overall the 20 was fairly easy to hit. I could work the ball either way with not much effort.

As I got to the 17 degree I figured it would be more difficult to hit. Most clubs are like that. The less loft, the harder they are to hit. But in this case that theory was completely wrong. For some strange reason (probably my funky swing), the 17 was very easy to hit. It was noticeably easier than the 23 or the 20 for me. To me hitting the 17 was like hitting a 7 iron that flew as far as a 5-wood! I found the 17 even more easy to work either direction, which should be the case.

Get a grip

Many reviews on golf gear fail to cover the simplest of things, like the grip. The Nickent 3DX Ironwoods come with custom Winn V17 grips. I’m a Winn grip guy. The grips are firm enough, yet they give just enough to give you some real feel and cushion.

Covering the head cover

Another item many reviews forget is the head cover. If you’ve read any of my other reviews you’ll know I’m a stickler for head covers. If the head cover is designed poorly it can lead to frustration on the course.

The 3DX covers are simple, functional and nice looking. They do a simple job well. No complaints.

What can be improved?

Quite honestly I don’t know what Nickent could do to make these clubs noticeably better. But knowing Nickent’s commitment to quality and club development they might find something. Improving the 3DX’s would be like adding another 10 horsepower to a Porsche.

Nickent Hybrid Face


I’ve got a rotating door now in my bag. I have my 3 Nickents I can choose from depending on the course and conditions. Though I consider myself an excellent long iron player, I often opt for leaving the 3-iron in the trunk of the car in favor of my 3DX’s.

The 3DX Ironwoods are very well built, forgiving, attractive and very high performance. I strongly recommend you try the 3DX’s out before making any hybrid buying descision. You’ll be glad you did.

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